Book Notices -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 138:551 (Jul 1981)
Article: Book Notices
Author: Anonymous

Book Notices

Praise! A Matter of Life and Breath. By Ronald Barclay Allen. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1980. 246 pp. $5.95.

This exceptional volume on the Psalms by the professor of Old Testament language and exegesis at Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon molds the conclusions of much scholarly research and spiritual insight into a form that will provide great profit and much delight to the average Bible student. Introductory and technical matters are included in such a way as to develop excitement rather than boredom. The Hebrew concept of praise is developed in all of its stereophonic splendor and applied exquisitely in the exposition of seven selected psalms.

The experience of true biblical praise as expressed in this book will transform a stagnant Christian into a fountain of life.

F. D. Lindsey

Why Does God Allow Evil? By A. E. Wilder-Smith. San Diego: Master Books, 1980. 67 pp. Paper, $1.95.

This book is written with the same clarity and cogency which characterized the author’s famous refutation of evolution (Mans Origin, Mans Destiny). It is the most profoundly simple, biblical, and common sensical treatment in so few pages known to this reviewer.

N. L. Geisler

King of Creation. By Henry M. Morris. San Diego, CA: C. L. P. Publishers, 1980. 239 pp. Paper, $5.95.

Here is a timely and usable volume which will bolster the faith of those who already believe in creationism and which will raise serious questions that demand answers for those enamored with evolution. The

work discusses The King of Creation, Creation and the King’s Word, The World against Creation, Alliance with True Science, and Soldiers of the King. Subject, name, and Scripture indexes make the book very useful. The reviewer agrees fully with Josh McDowell’s evaluation of the book given in his foreword where he says it is scholarly, relevant, scriptural, honoring to Christ, practical, and motivating.

R. P. Lightner

The Pretribulation Rapture. By Allen Beechick. Denver: Accent Books, 1980. 276 pp. Paper, $4.95.

This is a fresh approach to the controversy between the pretribulation rapture and the posttribulation views. The author, who is convinced that the pretribulation rapture is the better explanation, offers twelve chapters to prove his conclusion. His approach is fresh and original and different from any existing work on the subject. Both pretribulationists and posttribulationists may differ with some of his conclusio...

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