Book Notices -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 140:558 (Apr 1983)
Article: Book Notices
Author: Anonymous

Book Notices

Creation: A Scientists Choice. By Zola Levitt. San Diego: Creation-Life Publishers, 1981. 131 pp. Paper, $4.95.

The author presents helpful and well-organized information on many of the major issues in the ongoing debate between advocates of special creation and advocates of evolution. The format used by the author involves personal interviewing, and the question-and-answer approach effectively highlights the key ideas. Of special value to readers are the many charts, diagrams, and visualized helps provided.

F. R. Howe

Men of Science: Men of God. By Henry M. Morris. San Diego: Creation-Life Publishers, 1982. 128 pp. Paper, $2.95.

This book gives a valuable historical perspective to the current creation-evolution debate. It is an organized collection of background information about the religious beliefs of many scientists. The material is organized chronologically and topically and scientists are discussed, and their contributions to science are noted. Besides giving the reader many carefully hand-drawn portrait pictures of scientists, the book amply demonstrates the vibrant Christian witness many of these leading scientists manifested. This would be a good book to give to interested inquirers as well as believers studying in a secular environment.

F. R. Howe

Tracking Those Incredible Dinosaurs. By John D. Morris. Minneapolis: Bethany House Publishers, 1982. 240 pp. Paper, $5.95.

The author, son of Henry M. Morris, is a geologist (Ph.D. in geological engineering, University of Oklahoma) and engineer, and a committed

Christian. The book (a second edition of one originally published in 1980) gives the fascinating account of the original discoveries of fossilized dinosaur and human footprints found in identical strata near the Paluxy River not far from Glen Rose, Texas. The book documents these finds and updates the research being done there at the present time. Replete with pictures, maps, charts, and diagrams, this book is a veritable gold mine of primary source material. This accurate account of these finds and an integrative interpretation of their scientific implications give plenty of evidence and information for all who are interested in studies dealing with origins, dinosaurs, and the Flood.

F. R. Howe

The Victor Handbook of Bible Knowledge. By V. Gilbert Beers. Wheaton, IL: SP Publications, Victor Books, 1981. 640 pp. $24.95.

The unusual feature about this beautifully illustrated, easy-to-understand book, is the arrangement of historical background...

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