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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 140:560 (Oct 1983)
Article: Book Notices
Author: Anonymous

Book Notices

Those Controversial Gifts. By George Mallone et al. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1983. 178 pp. Paper, $4.95.

This book will probably not please very many readers on either side of the charismatic renewal spectrum. It is both surprising and regretable that the book was published by InterVarsity Press, rather than by some other publisher known to be sympathetic to the charismatic movement. Mallone and contributors John Otmeer, Jeff Kirby, and Paul Stevens affirm that all the New Testament gifts of the Spirit are operative today. Their emphasis is on prophecy, dreams, visions, tongues, interpretation, and healing. The authors do warn of excesses and fakery in the exercise of these gifts, yet they call for a determined effort on the part of Bible believers to seek and promote all the gifts of the Spirit.

R. P. Lightner

Behaviorism and Christianity. By Gordon H. Clark. Jefferson, MD: Trinity Foundation, 1982. 106 pp. Paper, $5.95.

This work by the well-known 20th-century Christian philosopher is the fourth book in The Trinity Paper Series published by the Trinity Foundation. Clark critiques the pertinent works of John B. Watson; Edgar A. Singer, Jr.; Gilbert Ryle; B. F. Skinner; and even Donald MacKay’s The Clockwork Image (InterVarsity publication). He contends that all except MacKay present a naturalistic, antibiblical behaviorism. He also argues against MacKay’s attempts to find a Christian behaviorism. “There is no such thing as Christian behaviorism for the same reason that there is no such thing as Arminian Calvinism or Augustinian Pelagianism” (p. 81). The volume is recommended as an exposé of both secular and Christian behaviorism.

R. P. Lightner

God Wants You Rich and Other Enticing Doctrines. By Florence Bulle. Minneapolis: Bethany House, 1983. 222 pp. Paper, $4.95.

Though sympathetic to the charismatic renewal movement, Bulle warns laypersons of the extremes and excesses in the movement. Popular claims concerning such things as after-death experiences, tongues, hearings, and visits from angels are evaluated. The book will be of help only to those who look with favor on the contemporary charismatic renewal movement.

R. P. Lightner

Larsons Book of Cults. By Bob Larson. Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, 1982. 428 pp. Paper, $7.95.

Brief but penetrating analyses of 65 modern religious cults are presented by a popular author and lecturer. One of the background chapters includes similar information on world religions that have influen...

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