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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 143:570 (Apr 1986)
Article: Book Notices
Author: Anonymous

Book Notices

De Septuaginta: Studies in Honour of John William Wevers on His Sixty-Fifth Birthday. Edited by Albert Pietersma and Claude Cox. Mississauga, Ontario: Benben Publications, 1984. 261 pp. N.p.

This Festschrift in honor of J. W. Wevers brings together a selection of articles by leading Septuagint scholars. The subjects treated include the recovery of the original Septuagint, the relation of the Septuagint to the Hebrew text, recension history, Qumran studies in relationship to the Old Testament text, early versions, and specific texts in Genesis, Numbers, Deuteronomy and Isaiah. It is a valuable collection and will constitute necessary reading for all who study the Septuagint.

W. R. Bodine

You Can Talk to (Almost) Anyone about (Almost) Anything: A Speaking Guide for Business and Professional People. By Elaine Cogan and Ben Padrow. Portland, OR: Continuing Education Publications, Portland State University, 1984. 101 pp. $14.95.

In his foreword U.S. Senator (from Oregon) Bob Packwood makes the audacious promise, “I can guarantee that if you follow the principles of this book, you will never make a terrible speech.” He is correct, because the book is filled with a wealth of excellent, practical advice, summarized in “Ten Commandments of Public Speaking” (p. 95). The problem is in fulfilling the condition—”if you follow the principles of this book”—because of paralyzing, mind-numbing fear. The authors report “a recent survey” that 40 percent of the people surveyed said they are “more afraid of giving a speech than getting cancer or a heart attack!” (p. 1).

Perhaps the best advice of the book is the title of the first chapter, “You Cannot Not Communicate.” The authors explain, “Everything you do and say conveys a message about who you are and what you believe. Learn to communicate well, and you will be well on your way in your chosen business or profession” (p.4). Also invaluable for the experienced as well as the novice speaker is the “Last Minute Checklist” in chapter 12 (pp. 97-101).

J. A. Witmer

The Art of Recruiting Volunteers. By Mark Senter. Wheaton, IL: SP Publications, Victor Books, 1984. 103 pp. Paper, $7.95.

This is the best work on recruiting that has come across the reviewer’s desk in years! Senter discusses the history, the problems, the solutions, and the program of recruiting volunteers in the local church. Also included in this volume are various charts, bulletin inserts, and helps that a busy pastor or minister of education can use for his own church. Good illustrations and excellent pa...

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