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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 143:571 (Jul 1986)
Article: Book Notices
Author: Anonymous

Book Notices

Christianity under Attack. By Norman L. Geisler and Ronald M. Brooks. Dallas, TX: Quest Publications, 1985. 102 pp. Paper, $3.35.

This brief book is a defense and vindication of biblical and Christian theism against the twin contemporary attacks of atheism and pantheism. Atheism is represented currently by secular humanism, which is actually a worship of man. Pantheism is found in the flood of Eastern religions and philosophies that have invaded modern society.

Each of the six chapters ends with a series of study questions and a brief bibliography for further reading on both sides of the issue discussed in that chapter. The chapters are well organized and the discussion is brief and to the point.

Two minor problems exist in the book. First is the placing of the copyright data on the obverse of the table of contents page instead of the obverse of the title page. The second is the identification of Kirsopp Lake as being of “the last century.” Lake’s dates are 1872–1946, which reveals that his productive career was in this century, not “the last century.”

This is a helpful, handy study guide with a wealth of information in readily accessible form. It not only defends biblical Christian theism but also refutes humanistic atheism and mystical pantheism.

J. A. Witmer

Scientists Who Believe. Edited by Eric C. Barrett and David Fisher. Chicago: Moody Press, 1984. 208 pp. Paper, $4.50.

This book gives a creative treatment of the personal testimonies of many modern men and women of science concerning their vital, personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. What is unusual here is that the book is an edited collection of radio interviews and statements by these scientists, beamed (through the efforts of the Slavic Gospel Association) to listeners

behind the Iron Curtain. As Warren Wiersbe, noted Bible teacher and chairman of the board of the Slavic Gospel Association, states in the foreword: “It not only seeks to defend the faith, but also to extend the faith” (p. x). The accounts of 21 scientists make fascinating reading and amply serve to strengthen those who might have questions about how a Christian can participate actively in fields related to science.

F. R. Howe

Biblical and Related Studies Presented to Samuel Iwry. Edited by Ann Kort and Scott Morschauser. Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 1985. xviii + 274 pp. $25.00.

Many of the world’s well-known biblical scholars are among the contributors to this Festschrift, including Frank Moore Cross, David...

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