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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 145:579 (Jul 1988)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Authority and Interpretation: A Baptist Perspective. Edited by Duane A. Garrett and Richard R. Melick, Jr. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1987. 220 pp. Paper, $10.95.

In addition to the two editors other contributors to this volume are L. Russ Bush, Thomas J. Nettles, Jerry Vonns, Carl F. H. Henry, David Allen, David S. Dockery, and William Wagner.

In the first part of this volume the contributors deal with the “Divine-Human Authorship of Scripture,” “Inerrancy as a Principle of Hermeneutics,” “Taking the Bible Literally,” “Contemporary Hermeneutics and Biblical Authority,” and “Inerrancy in History.” Part 2 includes chapters on “Biblical Authority and Homiletics,” “Biblical Authority and the Christian Mission,” and “Biblical Authority and the Social Crisis.”

All the articles in this volume are primarily intended to study the various aspects of biblical authority. The contributors are Baptists and the work is especially intended for Southern Baptists, though its contribution to the entire evangelical community is enormous. The latter half of the book makes a special contribution in that it shows the relationship between biblical authority and the ministry of the church.

All but one of the contributors did a masterful job of showing the importance to the area he discussed of believing in the total inerrancy of Scripture. Carl F. H. Henry wrote on “Biblical Authority and the Social Crises” but failed to show why belief in total inerrancy is important to his topic. In fact this reviewer could not even find the word “inerrancy” in Henry’s discussion.

Biblical inerrancy is defined carefully in this way: “Inerrancy means that ‘when all the facts are known, the Bible (in its autographs) properly interpreted—will be shown to be completely true (and therefore not false) in all that it affirms, to the degree of precision intended by the author, in all matters relating to God and His creation (including matters of history, geography, science, and other disciplines addressed in Scripture).’“

While admitting the dangers of an extreme use of harmonization to solve biblical difficulties, the book seems to opt for this method rather than the use of liberal redaction criticism and other questionable methods.

Robert P. Lightner

Election and Perseverance. By C. Norman Sellers. Miami Springs, FL: Schoettle Publishing Co., 1987. 210 pp. $12.95.

This book is a scholarly response to Robert Shank’s Life in the Son (1960) and Elect in the Son (1970). In the former Shank argues for conditional ...

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