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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 148:590 (Apr 1991)
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Book Reviews

Armageddon, Oil and the Middle East Crisis. By John F. Walvoord. Revised edition. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House, 1990. 234 pp. Paper, $8.95.

Originally published in 1974 to provide biblical answers to questions raised by the 1973 oil embargo and Israel’s conflict that year with its neighbors (Egypt, Jordan, and Syria), Walvoord’s best-selling book has been revised in light of the new Middle East crisis caused by Iraq’s invasion and occupation of its neighbor, Kuwait, and threat to Saudi Arabia.

Though the revision has been extensive, the basic message of the book remains unchanged. Because of Israel’s presence as a nation in the Middle East and the location of almost two-thirds of the world’s oil resources in that area, the Middle East is and will be the focus of world attention as events move toward the fulfillment of the Bible’s predictions concerning the end of human history.

The book makes the strong point that biblical prophecies up to this time have been fulfilled literally and in exact detail. As a result it is logical to expect the same pattern of fulfillment in the predictions that remain unfulfilled to this time.

What is taking place today is not specifically the fulfillment of those end-times predictions. Rather, Walvoord writes, “The world today is like a stage being set for a great drama. The major actors are already in the wings waiting for their moment in history. The main stage props are already in place. The prophetic play is about to begin” (p. 227).

In a totally revised preface Walvoord states, “This volume is intended to answer normal questions about the future in plain language” (pp. 15-16). This purpose is admirably fulfilled by straightforward discussion, enlarged type for easier reading, and helpful charts and lists.

The triggering event for the start of the end-times scenario of biblical prophecy is the rapture, or translation of the church of Jesus Christ, which event is without signs and may occur at any moment.

In light of all these biblical predictions and the possibility of their soon fulfillment, Walvoord appropriately makes a strong, consistent appeal to

trust Jesus Christ as Savior. He concludes, “If there ever was an hour when men should consider their personal relationship to Jesus Christ, it is today. God is saying to this generation, ‘Prepare for the coming of the Lord’“ (p. 228). The truths of biblical prophecy are a powerful motivation to face the question, “What think ye of Jesus, who is called the Christ?”

John A. Witmer

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