Solomon’s Perfect One -- By: Harold R. Holmyard III

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 155:618 (Apr 1998)
Article: Solomon’s Perfect One
Author: Harold R. Holmyard III

Solomon’s Perfect One

Harold R. Holmyard III

Harold R. Holmyard III is a Bible student in Dallas, Texas.

The Song of Solomon possesses a glory beyond its teaching on the natural capacity for attraction between man and woman. Its loveliness is more than the handsomeness of the lovers, their choice figures of speech, and their verdant surroundings. The glory in this song survives the song’s ironic sadness. The idyllic freedom of the lovers appears to conquer all, but Solomon’s continued contravention of the Mosaic Covenant took a toll on both Solomon and his wife. How is it that this song endures as the very epitome of romance despite Solomon’s spiritual decline?

The king, when given the opportunity to ask God for whatever he wanted, could think of nothing better than wisdom with which to rule his people (1 Kings 3:5–9). So God enabled him to be wise beyond any other mortal, and for Solomon’s unselfishness God also granted him riches and honor (vv. 10–13).

One of the king’s observations about life was the rarity of a virtuous woman: “One man among a thousand I found, but a woman among all these I did not find” (Eccles. 7:28). Proverbs 31:10 asks, “Who can find a wife of noble character?” (NIV; cf. 20:6, 9). Yet God did give Solomon a virtuous woman. For this is what the king revealed about his beloved in his “song of songs.” To be sure, her physical excellencies and winsomeness in lovemaking receive the bulk of space in the book, but the “song” also reveals something of her inner character, especially in the song’s powerful conclusion.

The Character of the Woman

The Shulammite was a humble country girl, honored by her relationship with the king (Song of Sol. 1:4–6; 6:13).1 Her attestations of love for Solomon are frequent and

sincere (e.g., 1:2, 7, 16; 2:3; 3:1, 4; 4:16; 5:10; 6:3

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