Editorial Comment: -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (First Run)
Volume: BSP 01:1 (Winter 1972)
Article: Editorial Comment:
Author: Anonymous

Editorial Comment:

Why Bible And Spade?

In this day when the printing presses of the world are spewing forth tons of printed material, new publications appear almost daily (most of them never survive!), and the shelves of the periodical section of every library are jammed, why Bible and Spade?

We at Word of Truth Productions feel that there is a very real need for a journal of this type. Today, archaeological activity in Bible lands is proceeding as never before. In 1971, 135 permits for excavations were issued in Israel alone (see “From Dan to Beersheba,” page 16). And yet, no one is reporting the results of this activity to the Christian public in a summarized systematic fashion. We believe that this information is of vital importance to the Christian - the pastor, the teacher, the student, and the average man in the pew.

Archaeology has done much in the past to verify the reliability of our Scriptures and help us gain a better understanding of them. All indications are that this will continue in the future. Consequently, we feel compelled to issue Bible and Spade and, with God’s help, we trust that it will meet a real need in our “scientific” age.

We would like to hear from you, our readers, about the direction Bible and Spade should take. Admittedly, our beginning is small. We have some ideas and hopes for the future growth of Bible and Spade but we want to hear your ideas. Send us your comments, good or bad, and your suggestions as to what you would like to see in future issues.

Our Cover

We have selected for our cover design an Israelite seal found at Megiddo, Israel. The inscription at the top of the seal reads “(Belonging) to Shema” and at the bottom “Servant of Jeroboam”. This seal was used by Shema, an official in the government of Israel under King Jeroboam1 .

The lion depicted on the seal was symbolic of both Israel and Judah. (See Genesis 49:9 and Deuteronomy 33:22.) But the main reason for choosing this seal is that it reminds us of the “Lion of Judah”, the Lord Jesus Christ (Revelation 5:5). It is to Him that this journal is humbly dedicated.

    Exciting New Discovery

As we go to press, we have information about an exciting new discovery. It is reported that passages of the Gospel of Mark have been found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Since the latest date for the Dead Sea Scrolls is AD 68, this would mean that we now have portions of the Gospel of Mark d...

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