Whither Noah’s Ark? -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (First Run)
Volume: BSP 01:1 (Winter 1972)
Article: Whither Noah’s Ark?
Author: Anonymous

Whither Noah’s Ark?

Over the past several years, Christian periodicals, as well as the secular press, have carried reports on the supposed finding of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat in Turkey by French amateur explorer Fernand Navarra. The remains of a large wooden structure, high up on the mountain, are reportedly encased in a glacier. The difficulties associated with trying to investigate these remains are manifold: the geographic location, the fact that they are buried under tons of ice, the sensitivity of Turkish government in allowing foreigners in this so-called “military” area, to name but a few. To date, a scientific confirmation or denial of the reports has not been possible.

Scholarly opinion about the ark is varied. Some believe, some scoff, some are interested, but most are disinterested. John Montgomery, writing recently in Christianity Today, believes that there is sufficient evidence to warrant continued efforts. He states, “A year’s work with the literary sources has powerfully reinforced my conviction that the continued existance of the Ark on Ararat is one of the strongest traditions relating to biblical history.”

Attempts to get a full-scale expedition to Ararat in 1971 failed because of the lack of permission from the Turkish government. Montgomery and his son, however, were able to get into the mountain in August. Although they did not add a personal sighting to past accounts, they staked out the area in preparation for detailed work by a full crew another year. Also, overlapping telescopic photographs of the entire area were made from the foothills. Further work now awaits another August and the grace of the Turkish authorities.

(Christianity Today, January 7, 1972)

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