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Journal: Bible and Spade (First Run)
Volume: BSP 02:2 (Spring 1973)
Article: Caesarea — City Of The Apostles
Author: Anonymous

Caesarea — City Of The Apostles

Dusk was quietly settling on the peaceful harbor city as the weary travelers entered the gate. The three Gentile escorts quickly ushered their Jewish party through familiar streets. At last they were there! As he entered the lovely home of Cornelius the Centurian, Peter wondered why the Holy Spirit had led him to Caesarea.

God’s purpose soon became apparent. He used this incident to reveal one of the pinnacle truths of Scripture — “God is no respecter of persons. .. whosoever believeth in Him [Christ] shall receive remission of sin” (Acts 10:34, 43). When Peter spoke these words to the Gentiles in Caesarea, many believed and were baptized (Acts 10:48). From that time onward, the Gospel went to the Gentiles as well as the Jews.

Paul a Prisoner of Jesus Christ

Not too many years later, the clatter of carriages was heard outside the gates of Caesarea as a party of Roman soldiers arrived from Jerusalem with a prisoner. They were bringing Paul of Tarsus, the Christian Apostle, to appear before Governor Felix.

As he was brought into the city, Paul’s mind went back to happier times. It was from Caesarea that he joyfully set sail for home after his confrontation with the living Christ (Acts 9:30). Only a short time ago, after completing his third and last missionary journey, he spent many memorable days here at the home of Philip the evangelist.

Paul recalled the visit of the prophet Agabus. He certainly was right! God sent him all the way from Judaea to tell Paul that he would be taken into captivity when he went on to Jerusalem. But Paul was willing to suffer even death for the sake of Christ (Acts 21:8–15).

The Apostle was to spend two years in Caesarea, appearing several times before “Caesar’s Judgement Seat” prior to being sent on to

The Roman aqueduct that brought water into the metropolis of Caesarea during the time of the apostles.

Rome (Acts 23:23–26:32). He staunchly defended the Faith before Roman authorities while in custody at Caesarea. On one of those occasions. King Agrippa uttered the tragic words “Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian”. So near, yet so far!

Scholars believe that it was during Paul’s imprisonment at Caesarea that Luke collected the material for his gospel and for Acts. Paul and Luke no...

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