Has Anyone Ever Created Life In A Test Tube? -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 01:1 (Winter 1988)
Article: Has Anyone Ever Created Life In A Test Tube?
Author: Anonymous

Has Anyone Ever Created Life In A Test Tube?

ANSWER: We can give an unequivocal “No” to this question!

Proponents of evolution sometimes give the impression that this has been done. However, scientists who do the lab experiments deny that they have ever created life from non-living substances. Experimental life scientists Crick, Miller, Urey, Oparin, and others agree that life has never been created in a test tube.

Furthermore, life has never been observed in nature arising out of the “primordial ooze.” The Reader’s Digest (11/82, p. 120) may say, “But the most dramatic event of all was the primordial advance from non-life to life, which apparently took place in the sunbaked clays of ocean beaches.” However, saying that and producing proof of it are entirely different. Science Digest (Special, Winter, 1979, p. 40) after summing up the same scenario concludes, What concrete evidence supports this remarkable theory of the origin of life? There is none… No trace is left of the earth’s existence then - the magic period when life appeared here.”

If neither scientists nor evolutionists can prove this theory, why should anyone believe it?

Yet people do - by faith. The late Loren Eisely, evolutionary anthropologist, said in Immense Journey (p. 199), With the failure of these many efforts (to create life) science was left in the embarrassing position of having to postulate theories of living origins which it could not demonstrate… of having to create a mythology of its own: namely, the assumption that what could not be proved to take place today, had, in truth, taken place in the primeval past.”

Colin Patterson, senior paleontologist at the British Museum, says in “Agnostic Evolutionists” (Harper’s, 2/85, p. 52) that the theory of evolution is unnecessary in biology. “In fact, they could do perfectly well without it.”

How did life originate, then? It was created by God! To produce the first living creatures, life must already exist. And life does exist, eternally, in God Himself. As the Living Word, He created all life. This Living Word was Jesus Christ who as god, in John 1, is credited with bringing the universe and life into existence.

In our day, some scientists have “discovered” John 1, recognizing that there is some property of “the Word” which may account for all things, including the origin of life. At a recent Workshop on Quantum Cosmology (Science News 5/30/87) space scientists concluded that the concept of “Logos” in John 1 best describes “the basic ...

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