Book Review: Boyd’s Bible Handbook -- By: Bob Boyd

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 01:2 (Spring 1988)
Article: Book Review: Boyd’s Bible Handbook
Author: Bob Boyd

Book Review:
Boyd’s Bible Handbook

Rev. Bob Boyd

Boyd’s Bible Handbook is unique among Bible handbooks. Boyd, a graduate of Washington Bible College, has taken special studies in archaeology at Wheaton College. He is listed in “Who’s Who in Biblical Studies and Archaeology,” by the Biblical Archaeology Society.

Boyd has provided a potpourri of biblical insights. In addition to an analysis of each book, including major divisions, a summary, purpose of writing, authorship, etc., he has included an in-depth study of the Life of Christ and over 1000 Bible study and sermon outlines.

Gleaned from a lifetime of study, information from other fields is included to provide a better understanding of particular verses or sections of Scripture. Highlighted throughout the book are these captioned areas: Archaeology, Bible customs, Heavenly Manna, Miracles, Prophecy, Scientifically Speaking, Seed Thoughts and Types.

Archaeological discoveries are used to support the accuracy of Scripture. Conclusions of critics are answered with evidence from archaeology. Bible customs are elaborated to place a passage in its proper setting. Prophecy verses are accentuated with chronological data for the prophecy and its fulfillment. Miracles are summarized and references are supplied. Heavenly Manna and Seed

Thought sections emphasize the devotional aspects of Scripture. Scientifically Speaking points out that modern man is just beginning to discover scientific facts already revealed in the Bible.

In summary: there are 131 pictures, 12 maps, 100 illustrations, over 200 archaeological tid-bits relating to Scripture, 140 prophecies are examined, over 150 Bible customs explained, purposes of miracles are given, 100 scientific facts are explained, a dictionary of symbolical language is provided, idols and gods are described, and much more.

The book is helpful to all who are interested in Bible study, providing at their fingertips a ready reference for correlation of other useful information. The pictures, maps and diagrams are helpful for small group and Sunday School classes. Because of the wide diversity of subjects addressed, the book is an asset to anyone’s library.

800 pages with a cloth binding, it is published by Harvester House.

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