Dinosaurs And Humans -- By: Clifford A. Wilson

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 01:3 (Summer 1988)
Article: Dinosaurs And Humans
Author: Clifford A. Wilson

Dinosaurs And Humans

Did Dinosaurs And Humans Live Together?: An Update

Clifford A. Wilson

*Clifford Wilson, Ph.D., speaks each week on ABR’s radio program “The Stones Cry Out”. He is president of Pacific College, Melbourne, Australia.

[We include an article on this subject in an archaeological magazine for the simple reason that if men and dinosaurs truly did live at the same time, then a study of human history is involved. Archaeology as well as geology are combined. This is biblical archaeology because it deals with questions related to the early chapters of Genesis. From time to time we plan to have articles dealing with human history even though some would put them in the category of science. Ed.]

“Tracks Step on Evolution” - so ran the headlines of the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Star Telegram on Thursday evening, June 17, 1982. That newspaper article highlighted a series of activities centering around an excavation headed by Dr. Carl Baugh at Glen Rose, Texas, alongside the Paluxy River. The evidence seemed conclusive; indeed it was - and still is - even though there are criticisms of it.

It is not our intention to enter into protracted debate with anyone - evolutionists or creationists. We simply want to put forward some relevant facts, sort of a personal testimonial, with the conviction that they not only should be taken seriously, but also will be taken seriously because of the continuing finds at this site.

What Did Roland Bird Examine?

Criticisms against the genuineness of the human footprints are not new. Such tracks are known to have been reported as long ago as 1908. The eminent Dr. Roland Bird reported examining some humanlike tracks in the 1930’s, but he could not accept that they really were human. (See Natural History, May, 1939, pp. 225, 261, 302.) He accepted the traditional view of “establishment” scientists that dinosaurs had died out 70 million years ago. Thus, in his opinion, they could not have been contemporary with humans who had been around for only a couple million years.

This writer has interviewed the son and daughter-in-law of the late Charles Moss who was involved with Dr. Bird in his investigation of the tracks. Their tape-recorded statements agree with the reports Dr. Bird himself made as to his unpreparedness to accept the evidence before him.

As time went by, a very limited number of fake footprints were made and sold to gullible tourists. That does not rule out the fact that there were genuine tracks, any more than a fake $...

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