Book Review The Lie: Evolution -- By: Ken Ham

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 01:3 (Summer 1988)
Article: Book Review The Lie: Evolution
Author: Ken Ham

Book Review
The Lie: Evolution

Ken Ham3

(Reviewed by Ron Zuck.)

At an ever accelerating pace, society is putting its stamp of approval on practices that several decades ago were not only frowned upon, but were outright illegal At one time the Christian church had a significant impact on society. Today, however, Christian influence is evaporating. It seems that Christianity is in retreat at a faster pace than/hat at which it spread.

Why did Christians once exert influence on both social customs and laws of government, but today they are finding that even in the United States, with a constitution that guarantees free exercise of religion, their rights are being flagrantly violated?

In this book, Ken Ham gets to the root of the problem. It will come as a surprise to some what the problem really is. Why have we not been able to convince the world of the evils of abortion, divorce, pornography, etc.? He shows how we have been fighting the symptoms and overlooking the basic cause. The cause itself is very subtle.

With public education and even some seminaries teaching that evolution is as much a scientific fact as the law of gravity, many students have decided that there must be a naturalistic explanation for everything. So they forget God.

If there is no Creator, there is no purpose in life. There is thus no one “watching over us” to whom we must someday make account for our actions. This IS the root of society’s problems. When God, the Creator, is removed from the picture, there are no absolutes; there is a loss of respect for law and absolute moral principles. Man is set adrift in a purposeless universe, guided only by his fickle passions and the situation of the moment.

Mr. Ham shows that Genesis is a dependable account of actual events that are supported by solid scientific evidence. He demonstrates how the questioning of this foundational book of the Bible, even by many Christians, has led to the degeneration of society so that the only moral codes it accepts are based upon “survival of the fittest,” “do your own thing,” and “if it feels good, do it.” There are no moral absolutes in this foundationless society. .

The Lie: Evolution provides Christians with needed answers to the common questions of the unbeliever and advice for parents who must prepare their children to face a rebellious secular world.

The Lie: Evolution is published by Master Books, has 168 pp. and 36 illustrations. It can be purchased from ABR Books for $12.95 + .75 mailing cost. Our address is: P.O. Box 31, Willow Grove, PA 19090.