Creation / Evolution Series -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 02:2 (Spring 1989)
Article: Creation / Evolution Series
Author: Anonymous

Creation / Evolution Series

The Religion Of Evolution vs. Creation Science

The Religion of Evolution

Someone will say, “Do you mean that evolution is religious? I thought it was science. And I thought that creationism was religious!”

It is true. Evolution deals more with religious ideas than most people realize, while creationism has solid scientific support. Supposedly, evolution is only concerned with the material universe since spiritual forces cannot be tested. On the other hand, evolutionary philosophers insist on the existence of unseen (spiritual?) forces which control evolution: Natural Selection, Chance, Time, Mother Nature, etc. These are written with capital letters because each one is credited by evolutionists with power which belongs to God. They work “miracles.”

Well-known evolutionist, Steven Jay Gould says, “The essence of Darwinism lies in a single phrase: natural selection is the creative force of evolutionary change. No one denies that natural selection will play a negative role in eliminating the unfit. Darwinian theories require that it create the fit as well” (Natural History, 6–7/77, p. 28) But what is natural selection that it can create? It is definitely unseen. Is it a spirit? Is it some kind of force? Or is it nothing more than the figment of some scientific philosophers’ imaginations? A pseudo-god which they have created?

Chance is usually associated with mutations. “Miracle Mutations” is the title of an article in Science Digest (2/82). The author correctly points out that “No fossil or other physical evidence directly connects man to ape” (p. 90). Therefore, “Every so often, evolution picks up its genetic jackhammer and transmutes a tiny band of individuals into a dramatically different new species” (p.91). Evolution has the power to change species (like a god)? What is “evolution”? A spirit? A force? Where does it get its power to perform “miracles?” Does it really perform miracles? The answer should be obvious. But it is also obvious that we are speaking here of some unseen power. Evolutionists have gone far beyond the material world into the realm of spirit.

Another evolutionary philosopher has said, “To the geneticist the majestic flow of evolution represents the outward calm of an unceasingly stirring world. Everywhere he discovers chance: chance in the origin of mutations, chance in their consequences upon development, chance in their shuffling into innumerable combinations. Indeed, the realm of chance is awe-inspiring.” (The Scientific Monthly, 10/1/53, p. 196.) That’s pretty heady stuff with which to credit chance. What is chance? A spirit? A force? It is definitely unse...

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