Book Review: In The Minds Of Men -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 03:4 (Autumn 1990)
Article: Book Review: In The Minds Of Men
Author: Anonymous

Book Review: In The Minds Of Men

Reviewed by Ronald K. Zuck

Humanity has two means of obtaining knowledge: reason and revelation. Obtaining knowledge by exercising our senses is described as reason. Revelation comes from God.

As one views the world around him, he finds himself in the middle of the revelation-reason controversy. Throughout the ages, men have had to make a decision as to the origin of the universe and all it contains. Initially, each begins with reason for determining if everything can be explained by that method. Some decide that revelation is necessary to understand origins. They become creationists. Most, however, decide that reason is far superior and become biased against any hint of revelation. These become evolutionists.

In the Minds of Men is a book of outstanding quality for tracing the development of the revelation-rea-son controversy. Author Ian Taylor, a Toronto-based writer and researcher, has provided an in-depth, well-researched volume which exposes the fallacies and motivations of recent humanistic reason.

He begins the study by summarizing the influence of Greek and Jewish thought on current western civilization. The bridge from the ancient to the present begins in the 1700s. Using the Renaissance as a springboard, educated thinkers began to reject biblical teaching because of corruption within the organized church. Taylor not only presents the ideas of the Renaissance thinkers, but also informs us of the cultural influences which shaped their anti-biblical bias. He completes the study showing how evolutionary thought is responsible for many of the social ills of today.

In the preface, Taylor summarizes his purpose:

“In the Minds of Men has been written expressly for the majority of the public, those who feel “uneasy” about evolution and in a broader sense are aware that history, science, religion, and politics must surely share common principles.

‘They do indeed. Although there are books on these individual subjects, so far as is known there is no one volume that combines them all between two covers in such a way that the common evolutionary thread becomes abundantly plain. I have attempted to put together such a volume. Documentation from orthodox scientific sources has been made more than generous so the reader maybe as certain as the author that no statement has been taken out of context.”

The chapters branch out into some of the most important areas of human endeavor related to our world-view. Most of the controversial issues in the anthropological, biological and geological sciences are discussed. All have the purpose of exposing not only who said what, but, most importantly, why they said it.

In the Minds of Men has found f...

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