From The Mailbag. . . -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 04:1 (Winter 1991)
Article: From The Mailbag. . .
Author: Anonymous

From The Mailbag. . .

Interested In Everything!

I listen to your fine broadcast whenever possible. . .

Although I believe without reservation anything the Bible says relative to the physical sciences, and don’t breathe a sigh of relief every time they confirm something in Scripture, I am nevertheless, deeply interested and fascinated by the various disciplines, archaeology, paleontology, geology, astronomy and astrophysics.

I find Dr. Wilson’s talks most edifying and enjoyable. Will you please send me literature?

G. F., Freehold NJ

From a Digger’s Wife

In about 10 more years when our kids are able to carry the “guffas,” I hope we’ll be able to work on a dig as a family.

M___’s understanding of historical accounts found in the Bible was greatly enhanced by his time in Israel, although he was not interested in going at the time!

We pray for your success in proving beyond a doubt that Ai was real.

C. G., Aguascaliente,

Wants Info on ABR

Thank you for your excellent program “The Stones Cry Out.” I enjoy it on WAKW in Cincinnati. I am praying for your ministry. Please send me information on Biblical Archaeology and Creation / Evolution and please send me your bi-monthly newsletter.

I would also like to know how I can support your ministry financially.

Dr. D. C., Cincinnati OH

[We wish more people would ask about the latter!]

Noah’s Ark In Pennsylvania?!

[Ed. A recent tabloid which deals in the spectacular claims the above. An ABR friend sent a copy.]

I feel almost ashamed at having bought my first tabloid. .. but this one had your name written all over it! It seems that all you now have to do is stick your head out of a window or travel around the corner and you can conveniently join in the greatest archaeological discovery known to mankind.

I find the name of an alleged French archaeologist named Dr. Gene Chevalier, a convenient and great French nom de plume. In any event, it is at least worthy of some good chuckles. [We agree.]

J. B., Birmingham AL

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