From The Mailbag. . . -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 04:2 (Spring 1991)
Article: From The Mailbag. . .
Author: Anonymous

From The Mailbag. . .

From England

Can I say how much I enjoy receiving the ABR Newletter and also the magazine. It is a most worthwhile subscription and is packed with interesting information. Keep up the good work.

Norman Bentham, Essex, England

It all Helps

Enclosed is a small donation to help in your search for the truth. I appreciate that you are giving the Bible’s side of the story. Good luck and God bless.

O. Whittington, Palisade CO

We appreciate you too!

We appreciate the fine work you and your associates are doing and hope we can meet again some day in the not-too-distant future.

Dr. Henry Morris, El Cajon CA

Additions to Plagues Article

Some additional points to amplify the “Plagues Vs. Gods of Egypt” in the Winter 1991 issue. The serpent of Exodus 7:9–12 is against the goddess of the delta, Wadjet, of Buto and/or Apep the demon serpent of the underworld. The lice, or better, gnats, of Exodus 8:16–19 appears to be against the priests who only wore linen to avoid vermin, and who acted on behalf of the gods and goddesses. The unnamed fly-god is Uatchit. The cattle of Exodus 9:1–7 were against Apis of Memphis, Mnevis of Heliopolis (On) both in the delta and Hator of Dendera. That a god rode on the back of a bull and represented the god’s strength is one of the closest associations of the entire Fertile Crescent, which would confront the Israelites in Canaan as Baal. The boils of Exodus 9:11 were also directed against the priest/magicians using their craft to protect the pharaoh. The hail of Exodus 9:13–15 was also directed against the gods Reshpu and Qetesh who controlled the natural elements except light. The locusts of Exodus 10:13 were directed also against the god of vegetation Geb and Min fertility god of growth and ripening of grain; when brought by the east wind and destroyed by the west wind, Set was in charge of winds and storms.

Dr. Paul McCoy, E. Windsor NJ

Error in Last Issue — Sorry!

On page 17 of the Winter 1991 issue at the bottom of the second column one line was left out. Please add the words “... consequence covered with logs. Even...”

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