A Word From The Opposition — With Comments -- By: Robert Goette

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 04:2 (Spring 1991)
Article: A Word From The Opposition — With Comments
Author: Robert Goette

A Word From The Opposition — With Comments

Robert Goette

Often one can learn how effective his efforts are by examining what the opposition has to say. In this case, the word is from the National Center for Science Education, affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Science Teachers Association (both are very evolution-oriented organizations). Here are a few quotes from a financial appeal letter received from NCSE December 1, 1990. “Creationist pressure removes questions on evolution from the New York State Regents Curriculum Exam. Buffalo elects a creationist [their assumption is that a creationist cannot be a scientist!] school board member.” “Creationists run for local school boards in Washington, Illinois, and Indiana, on platforms promising the ‘balanced treatment’ of creation and evolution.” “Creationists try to get a creationist textbook adopted in Alabama and Idaho, and set their sights for Oregon, Utah, South Carolina and other states.” “An Illinois school district official cheerfully admits his district has encouraged ‘scientific’ creationists from the Institute of Creation Research to speak in the district’s schools for the last 12 years!” (Emphasis theirs).

The letter then goes on to state, “‘Scientific’ creationists are anti-evolutionists who want to teach the literal interpretation of Genesis — the universe was created all at once, 10, 000 years ago, the Flood was an actual worldwide historical event, etc., — in your public schools. They think it is perfectly OK to resort to miracles to explain things, and if the Bible is in conflict with science, science has to be altered.”

If the Genesis account is not ‘literal’ then there was no sin, no fall, no death because of sin, no universal destruction by the Flood of Noah, and Christ, Peter and Paul were misleading us when they testified to these events (Mt 19:4–66 {Gn 1:27, 5:12, 2:24}; Mt 24:37–39 {Gn 6:3–5}; Lk 17:27 {Gn 7:10–23}; Rom 5:12, 14–19 {Gn 2:16–17, 3:19};1 Cor 15:21–2 {Gn 2:16–17, 3:19...

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