From The Mailbag. . . -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 04:4 (Autumn 1991)
Article: From The Mailbag. . .
Author: Anonymous

From The Mailbag. . .

We Will Try Harder

We are proud of our readers! Several have written to point out that the cover picture on the Summer 1991 issue is reversed. That was the printer’s fault, but ours too in that we didn’t catch it in the final proof-reading.

Michael Chilcott, of Imperial Beach CA, looked up the quotation on page 77 from the Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament and discovered that a line was omitted. Just before “10,000 foot soldiers of Ahab. . .” it should read”. .. 10,000 foot soldiers of Irhuleni from Hamath, 2000 chariots, [then]. .. 10,000 foot soldiers of Ahab the Israelite,. . .” It is important in that the chart below the quotation does not read correctly without the insertion. Ahab provided more chariots than all the rest put together.

Thank you all for noticing, and caring enough to write.—Ed.

Keep up your fine work. I love the magazine Archaeology and Biblical Research. It’s so edifying and intelligently written. I pray daily for you all.

S. DiBari, Lake Success NY

I enjoy very much the interesting way in which you uphold the veracity of the Scriptures and pray that you may continue to do so for a long time. May the Lord bless you for your efforts.

Ron Barrett, Mt. Hamilton CA

Thank you for your wonderful Newsletter and Journal. I stand with you 100%: God’s Word is true. .. Creation—no evolution! It’s sad to see so many who claim to be “Christian” compromising God’s Word. I will continue to pray for your ministry and may God contine to bless you.

Frank S Ferrari, Bayside NY

I thank God for ABR and the stand you take. I am glad for the understanding God gives to believing men like the speakers, while He sends the worldly-wise away empty.

Al Monus, Lima OH

I am a college student and unfortunately my income is low. I look forward to eventually being able to contribute financially to your organization because I appreciate what you are doing and am excited about becoming a member. I know God will bless you and enable your plans to succeed.

Patrick Shea, Rochester NY

In the Winter 1988 issue of A&BR we published an article by Dr. William Shea on the search for Noah’s Ark. Most of the resource material Dr. Shea used to write the article was from Ron Wyatt of Nashville TN. In September 1991, Ron Wyatt and several others with him was taken hostage by Kurds in eastern Turkey while on a research expedition. We are pleased to report that after being held for several weeks they were released unharmed.—Ed.

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