From The Mailbag. . . -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 05:1 (Winter 1992)
Article: From The Mailbag. . .
Author: Anonymous

From The Mailbag. . .

I enjoy very much the interesting way in which you uphold the veracity of the Scriptures and pray that you may continue to do so for a long time. May the Lord bless you for your efforts.

Ron Barrett, Mt. Hamilton CA

It is nice to know that there are people who believe in the Bible and will prove it through study, and work against the view that the Scriptures are wrong. It seems to me that there has been so much already verified — the Hittites for example. Good luck to you in your research.

O. T. Whittington, Palisade CO

[Ed. - Yes, it is true that much in the Bible has been verified by archaeology. As long as there are apparent discrepancies, however, critics will say that the Bible is unhistorical and the events it records never really happened. This is especially true for events prior to the Kingdom period. The need for a research and teaching ministry like ABR’s will be here for a long time!]

We thank God for the important work you are doing, and pray that you are successful with the Carbon-14 dating project and safety in your travels.

H. Reinhart, Bernville PA

I read each edition of the magazine several times over with my Bible beside me. Each magazine is exciting with its biblical revelations. I am becoming a more sure-footed Christian believer. These days, in particular, every Christian must be able to confess the faith in him as Peter admonished us to do.

A. Smith, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thank you for your publication. I remember the so-called “ Piltdown Man” from ‘36-’39 Bible School days and its exposé. Thank God we have a “more sure Word.” God bless your work.

A. Kallgren, Cheshire CT

Was the existence of the Five Cities of the Plain, as related in Genesis, mentioned in any soure, in addition to the Bible, and was the aftermath of their terrible destruction confirmed by any other people in addition to the Israelites?

A. Roman, Hollywood CA

[Ed. Two of the cities, Admah and Sodom, are mentioned in another ancient source. They are listed in a geographical atlas from ancient Ebla (Tell Mardikh) dating to about 2250 BC. See William Shea’s study “Two Palestinian Segments from the Eblaite Geographical Atlas, “in The Word of the Lord Shall Go Forth, ed. Carol L. Meyers and M. O’Connor, Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake IN, 1983. The only record we have of the actual destruction of the cities of the plain is in the O. T. Incidentally, the cities of the plain have been discovered and are being excavated. Full details can be found in a number of articles published in Readings from the Patriarchal Period, available from ABR for $20.00.]

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