Archaeology News and Notes -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 05:1 (Winter 1992)
Article: Archaeology News and Notes
Author: Anonymous

Archaeology News and Notes

DINOSAURS AND MEN UPDATE: Fossilized Finger Found

Fossilized human finger found between Cretaceous layers near the Paluxy River. Fingernail and cuticle are quite clear.

When sawed, tendons and bone are very distinct.

Caiaphas’ Tomb Found South of Jerusalem

As with so many accidental, but important, archaeological finds, this tomb was discovered while bulldozing! The Jerusalem Fund has been developing a park in the Peace Forest near North Talpiyyot (a southern extension of Jerusalem), and this was part of it. Although discovered in December, 1990, the tomb’s report has just been released.

It dates from the New Testament period. Inside was found the very ossuary (limestone bone box, or sarcophogus) of Joseph bar Caiaphas, with his name inscribed on it (see above, right). It is almost certainly the “Joseph surnamed Caiaphas” mentioned by Josephus, the high-priest who condemned Jesus Christ.

Remains of sixty-three persons were found in the tomb. Although the skeletons were poorly preserved, they were mostly in ossuaries, 12 of them with names inscribed. The discovery of the family tomb of the High Priest Caiaphas may indeed be that of the most important Jewish personality of the period ever recovered.

The site of the house of Caiaphas on Mount Zion has been known since the time of the Pilgrim of Bordeaux (AD 333), where it can still be visited today. (Adapted from Jerusalem Perspective July/October, 1991.)

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