From The Mail Bag. . . -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 05:4 (Autumn 1992)
Article: From The Mail Bag. . .
Author: Anonymous

From The Mail Bag. . .

Greetings in the highest name under heaven, our Saviour Jesus Christ.

I am 21 years old. I heard your broadcast on 1400 AM “Harbor Light of the Windward.”

I met a professor of mathematics today in the store where I work. We had an interesting discussion but he seems to be espousing the beliefs of those abominable liberal theologians. I also met quite recently a New Ager who is a diehard skeptic of the Bible. Everywhere I turn I am meeting men who have some twisted or perverted concept of God and the Bible.

The information you send me will be very helpful and useful in defending the faith. God be with you. Amen.

A. D., Barbados, West Indies

Thank you for sending us your newsletter even though we were not members or subscribers to A.B.R.

I read your article “New Testament Portions Among Dead Sea Scrolls?” with great delight. I used to have a newspaper clipping about O’Callaghan’s 7Q5 identification with Mk 6:52–53, but somehow I lost it and had no further lead. Your article giving details and sources was very encouraging.

We have admired Dr. Wood and prayed for him, and are delighted that he will be able to write his article defending the ca 1400 BC date for Jericho’s destruction, a position with which we are in agreement. Garstang in 1930 seemed to have settled the matter conclusively with the stratum of the “Great Burning” containing quantities of pottery from the middle of the late Bronze Age, and the necroplis scarabs and tombs terminating with the reign of Amenhetep III (1413–1377 BC). The findings of the 1936 season were in full accord and supportive of his previous conclusions. How Kathleen Kenyon could decide anything else was beyond me! But her stand was very influential and caused a great deal of confusion and popular misconceptions. It’s time for a definitive word from a scholar such as Dr. Wood and I hope it receive wide circulation when it appears.

J. Y., Flagstaff AZ

Thank you for your program on WGTN, Lima OH.

The information and material you offer certainly add to my belief in God as Creator and Saviour.

Please send me your bi-monthly newsletter.

I. S., Findlay OH

Please include information on how I may order the video “Treasures Old and New.” My desire is to use this material in my seventh grade history class.

Thank you for those interesting radio broadcasts.

G. W., Birmingham AL

I’ve been listening to your program, “The Stone Cry Out”, on Family Radio’s WFME station since ...

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