From the Mailbag. . . -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 07:1 (Winter 1994)
Article: From the Mailbag. . .
Author: Anonymous

From the Mailbag. . .

Last February, I responded to a mailing from you inviting subscriptions. I am a retired missionary (TEAM Tibetan Frontier/North India) and not too well acquainted with the backgrounds of various US organizations so I do not know your antecedents. I subscribe to Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) and am frequently disgusted by their compromise on the integrity of Scripture. However, they do cover a lot of ground. I had hoped that I could find a substitute for them, but find that your magazine is quite a bit smaller, and fewer issues. However, I appreciated your article on the new dig for Ai and on the JEDP theory’s demise. It has been crumbling ever since it was developed, but unbelievers will never abandon it. In any case, I will subscribe again ahead of time.

R. R., Bradenton FL

I would like to give a gift subscription of your magazine/newsletter to a friend who has become very interested in your articles. Thank you very much, and thank you always for the strengthening articles you present. May God bless each of you!

C.C., Bethlehem PA

In the summer edition (Vol.6, No.3) of Bible and Spade on page 73 is an article about the current excavations at Khirbet Nisya and nearby el-Bireh [we are not excavating in el-Bireh]. What is the latitude [N 32° 70’] and longitude [E 35° 15’] of these sites [that given is for Kh. Nisya]? I have a computer Bible atlas and would like to include these sites in the maps.

E.P., Yucca Valley CA

To Dr. Wood:

Thank you very much for the cassette tape on your discussions on the historical and archaeological basis for believing in the historical accuracy of the biblical account of the Battle of Jericho in the book of Judges in the Old Testament. The information you provided in your discussions was most interesting, and I congratulate you for your courageous stand for biblical truth in the arena of public broadcast media programming. Keep up the good work you’re doing in the area of broadcast media, along with your research work with the Associates for Biblical Research there in Ephrata, PA.

D. M., Birmingham AL

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