The Soldier -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 07:1 (Winter 1994)
Article: The Soldier
Author: Anonymous

The Soldier

I am a soldier, I wear my armor with pride;

I stand straight and tall with my sword at my side.

I’m ready for service; I fight for Caesar,

I owe him allegiance; I gave him my vow.

Whatever he asks me, that’s what I will do.

For I’m a proud member of the chosen few.

Today I stand guard as three are crucified;

There’s fear in the air; many run and hide.

But I do not run, my duty I do. . .

Remember, I’m part of the proud and the few.

But when the sky became dark, and the earth did quake,

Inside my strong armor, I felt my heart shake.

But that day is gone; not one knows of my fears.

I’ve told nary a man, nay, these long years.

But I can’t forget what I felt there that day.

I try and I try, but I can’t put it away.

I’ve even heard that he didn’t stay dead,

Supposed to be according to what God had said.

I report now for duty, a new job in Rome;

I’m going to be where my Caesar calls home.

My job will be guarding a man they call Paul.

I think that I knew him, but his name was then Saul.

The facts of his crime, I am not quite sure,

But as his guard, I will proudly endure.

We met today, and as I was chained to Paul,

I asked him if ever he was called Saul.

“Well yes,” he said, “but that was before

I came to know the one whom I now adore.

His name is Jesus; He is my Lord and King,

As long as I live, I will His praises sing.”

It all came back, and in my heart I truly knew;

So I asked, “Is this the one called King of the Jews?”

He answered me, “Yes, but that is not all.

He is king of all who will answer His call.”

My pride slipped away, and I wept and I cried.

“It’s my fault, I’m sorry, I was there when He died.”

Paul began to explain the heart of God’s plan.

I listened closely; I had become a thirsting man.

“Jesus didn’t stay dead, He arose from the tomb,

Dispelling the darkness, the sin, and the doom.”

My heart burned within me, I knew this was true.

So I cried out to Jesus, “Lord, please make me brand new.”

Now I’m a soldier; my head is held ...

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