We Hear You! -- By: Editors

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 23:1 (Winter 2010)
Article: We Hear You!
Author: Editors

We Hear You!


Beginning with this issue of Bible and Spade, we will be printing comments and questions from our readers. This issue contains a wide variety of comments that have come to us through our website or have been e-mailed to us at our home office. In upcoming issues, we hope to hear from our readers as they respond to the articles found here in Bible and Spade. We value your opinions and your questions are important to us. After reading this issue of Bible and Spade, let us know your thoughts! You can contact us via e-mail at [email protected], or by sending letters to: Associates for Biblical Research, P.O. Box 144, Akron, PA

A Facebook Fan Page For ABR?:

If I may make a suggestion, I think you should make a fan page on Facebook for ABR. I know you already have a Facebook *group* (I am in it), but with a Facebook *fan* page you could set things up (I think with an RSS feed) so that ABR articles would appear in fans’ home page feeds whenever you put new articles up on your website. I would like that because then the articles would conveniently show up somewhere I check just about every day, instead of just on your website or somewhere else I might forget to check. I appreciate the work ABR does and wish I had known about you a long time ago.

Abigail. D.

(Ed.: We are in the process of doing this right now (as well as other improvements). We will let the ABR family know once everything is in place. Our desire is to not only improve our communication, but to reach out to young adults and teens so that they are receiving information that upholds the Bible and speaks truth into their lives.)

The Temple Mount Sifting Project:

Please notify me of new finds and exciting discoveries. I am praying for you. I would love to go on this adventure in the future.

Lynn J.

The Dig At Khirbet El-Maqatir:

I have been following your work for many years. It is so interesting and exciting to have an organization that believes the Bible. The Ai work especially is exciting…..I would really like to go on a dig to Ai but I am 68 years old and don’t have the financial resources to go. But I “live” it with you when you publish the articles and follow the website. Thank you for a great work.

Jeanie D.

Request For Biblical Archaeology Resources:

I’m looking for the best overview of archaeology in the Bible, and I thought you might have some good suggestions. I already looked at your book section, but I’m still not really informed enough to make my own decision... I’m not really looking for a book simply trying to prove the historicity of ...

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