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Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 23:2 (Spring 2010)
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We Hear You!


Were Dinosaurs On Noah’s Ark?

Okay, I am a Christian and I’m in 8th grade, at the moment in school we are studying dinosaurs and it has thrown me off a little bit with my beliefs. They say dinosaurs roamed this earth before man, but how were they made without God?? Were dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark too?? Or is that when they became extinct by the great flood?? And were people on this earth when they roamed?? If you have any answers PLEASE write back, me and my friends talk about this all of the time at lunch and I want to finally have the answer. Thank you.

Devon M.

A response by ABR staff member, Henry Smith:

Thanks for contacting the ministry of ABR and for your excellent question about Dinosaurs and the Bible.

First, I will provide you with some basic answers and then point you to an excellent ministry that specializes in this area. They are close friends of ABR and we trust their commitment to the Word of God.

Dinosaurs were created by God. Everything in the universe was made by God (Genesis 1:1, John 1:3) The evolutionists date the extinction of the dinosaurs to 65 million years ago, and claim that they lived before man. We believe that this dating is grossly in error, because we take the days of Genesis One as being 6-24 hour days. Scripture teaches that all land animals were created on the 6th Day of creation, the same day as Adam and Eve.

After the Fall of Man in Genesis 3, death entered all creation (Romans 8:18-23). Because of man’s wickedness, God judged the world with the Flood, which covered the entire earth. Yes... dinosaurs were on the ark, too! The ark was very, very large, and only a few dinosaurs are gigantic in size. It would have been possible for the large dinosaurs to fit, or perhaps younger dinosaurs were brought on board. There would have been plenty of room.

Most of the dinosaurs found in the fossil record are from Noah’s Flood. The dinosaurs DID die in a great catastrophe, but not 65 million years ago. They died as a result of the judgment of the Flood. After the animals left the ark, many of them would have had difficulty surviving in the new world. They eventually became extinct. But, before they did, some lived and have been referred to in human records, such as cave drawings and “dragon” accounts. “Dragons” sound very much like dinosaurs, don’t they?!?

I want to point you to an excellent website that has done lots of work about dinosaurs and the Bible. First, here is a ...

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