We Hear You -- By: Editors

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 24:4 (Fall 2011)
Article: We Hear You
Author: Editors

We Hear You


ABR Website A Blessing

“Wow, I just stumbled onto this site and I am fascinated. I love archeology and finding the truths about Bible times and events. I am going to be a big viewer of yours. It is such a blessing that you all did this in a website. I am filled with joy."


A Question About Bart Ehrman’s Book, Forged

“A scholar has written a book called ‘Forged’ which claims the New Testament is a forgery. I know this is not true, but what is your opinion?”


A reply from ABR Director of Development, Henry Smith: I assume your email refers to Bart Ehrman’s latest polemic against the faith, Forged ? It has been thoroughly reviewed by Ben Witherington, NT Professor at Asbury Theological Seminary:

http://www.patheos.com/community/bibleandculture/2011/04/10/forged-chapters-seven-and- eight-collateral-damage/

The online article is in 8 parts, and is lengthy, but I think you will find it worth reading.

The Intro and chapters 1-6 of the review are found at the top of this article. The link I am providing you is the seventh and final chapters of the review. I hope this is helpful to you. Be assured that Mr. Ehrman’s theses are severely misguided and wrong headed. We can have full confidence in the authority and inerrancy of the Scriptures.

Visiting Jericho And Joining ABR For Our Dig At Khirbet El-Maqatir

“I just finished watching Dr Bryant Wood’s presentation of “Jericho and Archeology” (on YouTube). It is absolutely the best I’ve seen, very well reasoned and explained. The Lord has positioned me in Jericho for almost 4 years (so far), currently birthing Prayhouse, a House Of Prayer in Jericho. Often Christian groups come to Jericho and ask me to give short tours and speak (on the little I know) about the biblical history of Jericho. May I have your permission to share this video with its wonderful and insightful teaching? Also, are you planning any other trips into the area? It would be a blessing to meet with y’all. God bless you!”


Editor’s Note: The video to which you are referring was recorded in Utah in 2009. Dr. Wood spent several days there, presenting evidence at several churches on the reliability of the Bible with archaeological evidences. If you are interested in learning more about Jericho, we would highly recommend the DVD, Jericho Unearthed, which features Dr. Wood. It is available in our bookstore on the ABR website.

Lastly, our team plans to be in Israel from May 26–June 9, 2012, excavating at a site we believe is a very strong candidate fo...

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