We Hear You -- By: Editors

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 25:2 (Spring 2012)
Article: We Hear You
Author: Editors

We Hear You


Reader Recalls Bryant Wood’s Work On Dating Jericho

“I haven’t watched the Jericho Unearthed YouTube video that I just found on the Internet just yet, however, I read Dr. Wood’s article regarding the investigations and conclusions of Dame Kenyon and Professor John Garstang years ago, that treats with that excavation. Dr. Wood is doubtless correct in his conclusions.”


A Question About Colossae

“I appreciate your research and publications. I have been doing some study on the epistle to Colossians and notice quite a few comments that Colossae has never been excavated. I was wondering if you had any recent material on this subject, the status of the site, and what are the impediments to archaeologists at Colossae?”


Response by friend of ABR, Dr. Mark Wilson, of Seven Churches Network: Nothing is happening at Colossae for the time being. Alan Cadwallader published an article on an inscription found at Colossae several years ago. Other than that, nothing further on the site has emerged.

The local Pamukkale University archaeology department and its department head is so focused on Laodicea now that, until that is developed, I don’t think anything will happen at Colossae. There are 200 workmen, students, and staff working at Laodicea year round now.

Techniques For Dating Archaeological Finds

“Can you please point me to resources that will describe the archaeological dating techniques used both in Tel Aviv and in Jericho for dating the finds?”


Response by Director of Research, Dr. Bryant Wood: I am not familiar with the Tel Aviv Neolithic structure that you are asking about, but I am familiar with the Neolithic tower at Jericho. The Jericho tower was dated by means of carbon-14. Pottery was not used to date the tower, as it was constructed prior to the introduction of pottery. The date of 6,000 BC for the Tel Aviv structure is also prior to the use of pottery, which began ca. 5,500 BC. Dating in the Neolithic period is dependent upon C-14, which is questionable at this early time period as the readings cannot be calibrated by means of tree rings or historically- dated objects as in later periods. The Jericho tower was built in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A period. Radiocarbon dates for the Jericho PPNA period can be found in Jericho III (1981), Appendix C, and Jericho V (1983), Appendix D.

Pottery And The Dating Of Jericho

“Dr. Wood, I have been greatly intrigued by your re-dating of Jericho. On the subject of the pottery, I have heard in rebuttal to your arguments tha...

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