We Hear You -- By: Editors

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 27:1 (Winter 2014)
Article: We Hear You
Author: Editors

We Hear You


ABR’s Campus Ministry Appreciated

Let me say, having ABR at Ozark Christian College was definitely one of the highlights of my experience at OCC. ABR is doing a great work. I encourage more Bible Colleges to invite them to conduct seminars on their campuses. You will be blessed! Far too many of our colleges have marginalized archaeology and other hard sciences, or neglected them all together, for “practical” studies. ABR is an academic anchor, keeping us moored to the rich evidential dimensions that undergird our faith in the historically verifiable Word of God.

- Kevin Morrow

Appreciates Gordon Franz’s Recent Article On The Via Egnatia

“How Beautiful Are the Feet—on the Via Egnatia” by Gordon Franz is another excellent article by Gordon. His research and writings bring alive many of the Scripture texts and provide helpful background to better understand Paul and his journeys, etc. As a civil engineer by undergraduate training, I appreciate this Roman road-building achievement—built to high engineering standards, as is typical of much Roman construction. God used this Via Egnatia to advance the Gospel. Praise God!

- Joseph Lenard

Enlightened About Bart Ehrman

I just want to let you know that I really enjoyed your round table discussion about Bart Ehrman. For me it cleared up so much and provided so much understanding; it affirmed my faith in God and His word!!! Thank you so much!

- John Roe

(Editor’s note: This important and enlightening eleven-part, 2-DVD set, Is it Time to Throw Away Your Bible?, can be purchased from the ABR bookstore at BibleArchaeology.org.)

A Comment Concerning The Article, Why Were The Sailors Afraid Of The Syrtis Sands (Acts 27:17)?

Thank you for your fine work. This will be helpful for my Sunday school lessons on the Apostle Paul.

- Jill Davidson

A Question Concerning Joshua And The Amarna Letters

I have a question concerning the Philistines of Joshua. According to Jewish tradition Joshua reigned as leader of Israel 28 years after the death of Moses which if you were to calculate how long he lived after the exodus in 1447 it would lead you to 1406. This means Joshua died at the age of 110 in 1378 leaving leadership to Othniel. Now around Joshua 13:3 it mentions all five Philistine city- states. The problem I have is that in the Amarna Letters the five Philistine cities were under Egyptian hegemony with a Canaanite monarch or mayor. Not a major is...

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