We Hear You -- By: Editors

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 28:1 (Winter 2015)
Article: We Hear You
Author: Editors

We Hear You


Photos Of The New Scarab Discovery?

I was wondering if you have published a paper anywhere giving a detailed description of the scarab [from the 2014 dig season at Maqatir]? And have you published HD photos of the scarab from dorsal, ventral, and end views that can be examined in detail, too? Do you know the material it was made from? I would very much like to read an in-depth paper on your important find. Hoping for good news.


A Response From ABR Staff Member, Henry Smith:

Dear Patrick,

Dr. Wood is still in the process of researching the scarab. He has plans to publish a paper on the scarab in a secular publication. Once that happens, we will make that information and pictures available to inquirers. Thanks for your support of the ABR ministry.

Responding To The ABR Statement On Ancient Near Eastern And Biblical Chronologies

I am very glad with your Statement on Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Chronologies. In my book that I wrote about biblical archeology I used the same biblical chronology and arguments. The title is, Hier gebeurde het toen; archeologische sporen van de Bijbel (2012: Buyten en Schipperheijn, The Netherlands). I hope that our Lord will bless your work.


Clarification On The Size Of Jericho

I have a question on the “We Hear You” response by Dr. Bryant Wood on “Questions About Jericho” (in the current “Bible and Spade” V.27 N.3). Would you please pass this on to the appropriate person for an answer? Dr. Wood’s response (first paragraph) says that the size of Jericho was approximately 1 mi by 2 mi (generally oval) and the area is approximately 9 acres.

The area of an ellipse (oval) is given by A = (pi)(a)(b) [1] where a is the semi-minor axis (half the 1 mi dimension) and b is the semi-major axis (half the 2 mi dimension) So the area of Jericho is A = (3.14)(0.5)(1) = 1.57 sq mi

And the number of acres in a square mile is 640 (i.e, 1 sq mi = 640 acres) [2] So the number of acres of Jericho (based on the elliptical dimension given) is (1.57)(640) = 1004.8 (let’s round to 1000 acres)

This is far different from the 9 acres mentioned in the “We Hear You” response. Am I missing something here (that may need additional clarification) or is this just a typo?


A Response From ABR Staff Member, Dr. Bryant Wood:

Dear David,

Thank you for catching this faux pas. I have no idea where I got the 2 x 1 mi dimensions. In reality, the dimensions of the outer retaining wall of the fortification system a...

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