We Hear You -- By: Editors

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 29:3 (Fall 2016)
Article: We Hear You
Author: Editors

We Hear You


The Research And Ministry Of ABR Is A Blessing

Thanks for the important work you guys are doing at ABR. I’ve been blessed by it, and so have my children. Not long ago we were reading the book of Acts after supper, and my 11 year old asked if any of the anchors from Paul’s shipwreck had been discovered. I said, “That’s a good question, let’s check.” We went to biblearchaeology.org, and lo and behold, you had an excellent article on it. It’s moments like these that help to show the reliability of Scripture. So thank you! (We’re now reading 1 Samuel as a family, as we’re excited about your upcoming dig at Shiloh!)

B. Windle

Research On The Genesis 5 And 11 Chronologies

I agree with the article by Jeremy Sexton and Henry Smith. As a student of biblical archaeology, I believe that the Flood must have been around 3200–3100 BC, not 2500 BC. I’ve been bothered by the statement that according to the Bible the Flood occurred 4500 years ago. This is a real break-through! Thank you so much!

I searched this article several times looking for the full name of “SP,” listed as one of the translations alongside MT, LXX and Josephus on the chart. Please let me know the full name of SP and what it was.

N. Jelinek

Editor’s Note:

Thank you for your positive comments about the Sexton/Smith article. SP refers to the Samaritan Pentateuch, which contains variants of Genesis 5 and 11 as well. We will be researching and publishing more on this subject soon.

A Question Concerning Evidence For The Exodus

I thank the Father that I have been able to refute much of what someone at my job (and others) have disputed scientifically due to the resources available that support the biblical truth of creation and logically dispute evidence of molecules to man evolution.

However, the recent discussion I’m referring to had me at almost a loss for words; I was challenged to find any evidence of the Exodus story of the Bible. My co-worker printed me information claiming the ancient Hebrews were never slaves in Egypt but instead refers to a group of people called the “Hyksos.” There was also information claiming the Hebrews entered the land of Canaan and adopted the culture and religion of the Canaanite god “El” which led to images created of this so-called god and the eventual birth of the current faith of YHWH (that’s my quick and probably watered down version of that info). I read the information and struggled with what I was reading...until I started to study for myself. Though I am still unsure of ...

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