An Examination And Evaluation Of The Brownsville Revival -- By: Jeffrey M. Spencer

Journal: Christian Apologetics Journal
Volume: CAJ 02:1 (Spring 1999)
Article: An Examination And Evaluation Of The Brownsville Revival
Author: Jeffrey M. Spencer

An Examination And Evaluation
Of The Brownsville Revival

Jeffrey M. Spencer


The “Brownsville Revival” began at the Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida on Father’s Day, June 18, 1995 under the direction of pastor John Kilpatrick and visiting evangelist Steve Hill. From the very start, this movement has been overflowing with bizarre manifestations and uncontrollable behavior such as laughing, shaking, barking, roaring, and temporary paralysis. While supporters believe this is a true move of God, critics are hesitant to make such a claim.

Many apologists have set out to expose this revival as false, centering their critique on the unusual phenomena exhibited in the services. I contend, however, that these manifestations are not the primary problem. The primary problem with the Brownsville Revival is false doctrine. Just as the presence of a disease produces certain symptoms in the body, this false doctrine produces these revival manifestations—barking, roaring, shaking, etc. Thus, in order to approach the heart of the issue, this false doctrine must be exposed. This article deals directly with Brownsville’s false teachings which depart from the Historic Christian Faith in points of vital importance. For instance, Brownsville preaches a false Jesus. They pass on a false spirit. They preach a false Gospel. The Apostle Paul addressed a similar problem within the Corinthian church warning, “For if he who comes preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached, or if you receive a different spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted; you may well put up with it” (2 Cor. 11:4). And many believers and seekers alike have “put up with it.” Not only have they erroneously embraced Brownsville as a true revival, they have also received the false Jesus, passed on the false spirit, and believed the false gospel of the Brownsville teachers.

The False Jesus Of Brownsville

The evidence seems to indicate that the doctrine of Jesus taught by the revival teachers is, at the very least, problematic. Below is a presentation of what three men involved in the current revival movement teach about Jesus. To be sure, each man is not equally involved, but each is closely linked to the Brownsville Assembly of God. The three teachers are David Yonggi-Cho, Rodney Howard-Browne, and Brownsville pastor John Kilpatrick.

David Yonggi-Cho. A Word-Faith pastor from Korea, David Yonggi-Cho is intimately affiliated with the Brownsville Revival.1 Cho supposedly prophesied the revival in 1991. In fact, the leadership of Brownsville Assembly of God have placed the story of Cho’s prop...

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