The Relevancy Of Christian Worldview And Apologetics In The Context Of Youth Ministry -- By: N. Alexander McFarland

Journal: Christian Apologetics Journal
Volume: CAJ 07:2 (Fall 2008)
Article: The Relevancy Of Christian Worldview And Apologetics In The Context Of Youth Ministry
Author: N. Alexander McFarland

The Relevancy Of Christian Worldview And Apologetics In The Context Of Youth Ministry

N. Alexander McFarland, D. Div.

Alex McFarland is President of Southern Evangelical Seminary. He is a speaker, writer, and advocate of Christian apologetics.

In the nineteenth century American students in thirty-seven states were taught from the McGuffey Reader. Bible characters and Bible verses were familiar to all school children. Besides the usual topics, the table of contents includes the “Lord’s Prayer,” “Praise to God,” “The Ten Commandments,” “Story about Joseph,” “The Goodness of God,” and “The Character of Martin Luther.”1 A striking difference between the students of early America and ones today was the natural inclusion of biblical principles into all areas of life— school work included. As a country, even as late as the 1950s, we had a more comprehensive biblical worldview. In other words, the

world was seen through the lenses of Christian truths about God, man, and life. What a contrast it is for our youth today to have to fight for the right to pray at school. The annual “See You at the Pole Day” in September finds a chill in the air and puts a chill down the spine as youth face antagonistic Atheist and Diversity Club members. Even the average youth awkwardly standing at a distance wonders why these zealous Christian think that everyone who does not agree with them is going to hell. The challenges and taunts thrown at the faithful few around the poll are evidence of a society that no longer lives with a biblical worldview. Values and choices are now made on the basis of personal preference and public opinion, not God’s Word.

As youth come to terms with the disconnection between their lives and their faith, they eventually reach a point of decision: do I live life—all areas—according to Christian principles or do I continue to compartmentalize and sacrifice my Christianity on the altar of political correctness. Once the decision is made for God and a person steps out in faith onto the narrow road traveled by the Christ-enthralled (as Jonathan Edwards called it), the attacks from the sidelines intensify. As parents and youth leaders, we are negligent if we do not prepare our youth to defend the faith, to give an answer for the hope that is within.

In verses such as Matt. 28:18–20 and Mark 16:15, God instructed believers of all ages to present the message of Jesus Christ to the people around them. It takes personal effort, dedication, and commitment in order to do this effectively. E...

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