Prophets In Our Day -- By: Hugh T. Hall

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 02:1 (Spring 1959)
Article: Prophets In Our Day
Author: Hugh T. Hall

Prophets In Our Day

Hugh T. Hall

Pastor, First Baptist Church Elkhart, Indiana

A prophet is a speaker of or for God. He is a forth-teller more that he is a fore-teller. He faithfully declares what God has spoken. He warns the people of God of deviations from the path of truth and calls them back to the narrow way of righteousness.

Praise God there are faithful prophets today! The prophets of this decade have not received new truth, and so they do not fully correspond to the prophets of Old Testament days, but they have received clear illumination of the Spirit of God concerning that faith once for all delivered unto the saints, and they have been faithfully fulfilling the responsibilities of prophets in our day. Like many true prophets of the Old Testament, they have been despised and rejected, but the time may now have come when all who are honest with themselves and with the Word will have to admit that the prophets were right.

Early Twentieth Century Prophets

To understand and appreciate the contribution of the prophets of this decade, it seems best to look back to the prophets of the early twentieth century. Leading personalities in that controversy against modernism are praised today for their insight into and defense of the faith. Men of God today look back on such a one as Dr. W. B. Riley and rejoice that he stood firm for the Book in spite of great abuse.

A major contribution in the early days of the controversy was a series of small books entitled THE FUNDAMENTALS, These contained important articles by such men as James Gray, James Orr, M. G. Kyle, W. H. G. Thomas, A. C. Gabelein, B. B. War-field, R. A. Torrey, J. G. Machen, and others. In our day a new edition of these articles has been prepared by the faculty of BIOLA and published by Kregel as THE FUNDAMENTALS FOR TODAY. These are still powerful and important presentations of the truth. The constant warning cry of these early twentieth century prophets was that Christianity was subtly being invaded by a worldly philosophy which actually opposed the real truth of Christianity. During early years many declared that modernism was not really apostasy, not really opposite to Christian faith, not actually different and dangerous, but only a re interpretation of that faith.

Such attempts to muzzle the mouths of God’s faithful prophets were to no avail when the enemy plainly declared his position. Note the significance of the declaration and admission printed in the CHRISTIAN CENTURY of January 3, 1924: “Christianity according to fundamentalism is one religion. Christianity according

to modernism is another religion. Which is the true ...

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