“The Printed Page” -- By: Hugh T. Hall

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 03:3 (Fall 1960)
Article: “The Printed Page”
Author: Hugh T. Hall

“The Printed Page”

Hugh T. Hall

The desire and hunger for reading material is as old as the history of man. The human race, created by Jesus Christ for the glory and praise of God, has always expressed his thoughts and transmitted his ideas and ideals through the media of writing. The declaration of thoughts and the moulding of the minds of men has found an outlet in the art of writing. Thus it has always been. The ministry of the printed page accelerated the advancement of the persuasion of people a thousand times over, be it a persuasion for good or evil.

The prophets of evil well know the power of the printed page. Hollywood fills the minds and eyes of American people with the slop and swill of a life that has lost its reason for existence, and this is done through millions of copies of various magazines and publications, and with a net result that the ideals, songs, fashions, and loose living of America is determined by the movie capital.

The Communists pour millions of dollars into many publications destined for world-wide distribution and they reap a harvest of souls on an international level that literally live and die for their Russian masters.

We have the greatest piece of literature in the world—The Holy Bible—God’s inspired word. The ignorance, superstition, fear and bondage of the world’s people diminishes in proportion to the distribution and reading of the scriptures. No wonder the church of Rome has been such an enemy of the translation, printing, and dispersing of Holy Writ.

There is a great need of the printing of messages, tracts, articles, sermons, gospel truths in our day. We need to publish vital, historic Baptist principles in this twentieth century when the so-called virtues of the ecumenical movement are being shouted from the house tops far and wide. We have an ageless story to tell, so let us be telling it.

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