Are Dispensational Distinctions Biblical? -- By: Robert W. Myrant

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 04:4 (Winter 1961)
Article: Are Dispensational Distinctions Biblical?
Author: Robert W. Myrant

Are Dispensational Distinctions Biblical?

Robert W. Myrant

Professor of English Bible
Central Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary

Are dispensational distinctions biblical? This question should be answered clearly in the thinking of everyone who desires seriously to pursue Bible study. This is true because Dispensationalism and Premillennialism are companion terms describing a thorough-going system of interpretation which has implications in every area of biblical truth.

I. Basic Principles For Biblical Study

God Is

A few sincere Bible students could be found who approach such study without already being acquainted with the God revealed in the Scriptures. However, the successful Bible student is one who has experienced the revelation of God personally to his own soul, and has experienced the new birth. Paul emphasizes in I Corinthians 2:14 that the unregenerate, born-once man cannot understand spiritual truth, since he has not received the Holy Spirit within to be his Teacher. So, also, the writer of Hebrews states that “he that cometh to God must believe that He is” (Heb. 11:6).

The Bible student is not primarily searching for God, and he is not primarily seeking to verify his faith in God. But, he does find God in his study, and his faith is strengthened through sincere Bible study. Romans 10:17 is as applicable after salvation as before. The strong Christian is a Bible student. The Christian with spiritual discernment is a Bible student (I Cor. 2:12–16). In our churches, it is very important that those who assume places of responsibility be those controlled by the Holy Spirit and growing in knowledge of the Scripture.

We do not approach a study of Bible structure with the hope of discovering whether God is real. Because we know Him, we come to seek a clear understanding of the great body of spiritual truth He has given to us. It is the staff of life for the born-again believer (I Peter 1:23; 2:1–2).

God Is The Sovereign Creator Of All Things

The biblical record gives God credit as the Originator of all that exists. Our record is entirely trustworthy, and is absolutely vital to an evangelical understanding. The issue over creation is between supernaturalism and naturalism. No middle ground position is possible: all things have their origin in the creative activity of God, or else we know nothing about God. Genesis asserts immediate creation in understandable terms, an...

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