An Analytical, Outline Of First Corinthians -- By: Robert W. Myrant

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 05:1 (Spring 1962)
Article: An Analytical, Outline Of First Corinthians
Author: Robert W. Myrant

An Analytical, Outline Of First Corinthians

Robert W. Myrant

Professor of English Bible
Central Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary

Analysis of a Bible book is a very necessary task for anyone who desires to teach the book to others, or for anyone who wishes to preach expository messages from the book. Just what is analysis? Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary gives a good, general definition of analysis: “an examination of anything to distinguish its component parts, separately, or in their relation to the whole.” Analysis of a Bible book is the exhaustive and painstaking study designed to discover the precise theme of the book, what the major subjects are, and the teaching on those subjects.

Since the Bible is the only source of special revelation from God, if we are to teach and preach the truth from God, we must understand that truth as found in the Scriptures, Further, since the Holy Spirit has given divine truth through the human instruments in human language for human understanding, we must recognize that Biblical truth is intelligent truth,, Bible analysis therefore seeks to determine the “line of thought” by

which the inspired writers develop the subjects of revelation,, We try to discover how a chapter fits into the subject of the entire book, what the main subject of the chapter is, then how the “argument” of the chapter is developed. For example, if the main subject of the fifteenth chapter of I Corinthians is the bodily resurrection, then there is an intelligent, logical way in which this subject is developed therein.

The primary difference between an analytical outline and a homiletical outline is that the former is designed so that if it is examined by someone other than the one developing the outline, that person can grasp from the outline the general subject and development of the book; whereas, a homiletical outline is designed to aid the preacher in his pulpit-presentation. The following outline of I Corinthians is designed to assist the individual seeking .to study the epistle and understand it, prior to the preaching or teaching of the important truths revealed therein.

Theme Of I Corinthians; The Local Church: Its Unity, Life, Worship, And Hope

The church at Corinth was established by Paul, who preached and taught there some 18 months. Now, they had written to him, asking for guidance concerning certain problems: several cases of marriage and divorce, eating food sacrificed to idols, and the function of spiritual gifts. In addition, he had been informed by the house of Chloe, and perhaps by others, of certain other cancerous problems. Divisive “parties” had developed around various ...

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