Quarterly Booklets -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 07:3 (Fall 1964)
Article: Quarterly Booklets
Author: Anonymous

Quarterly Booklets

Most articles appearing in CENTRAL C. B. QUARTERLY are of such brief length that busy pastors and lay-people can easily absorb the contents in one sitting. Because of the popular and helpful nature of these articles, many of them have been reprinted apart from the QUARTERLY and are available through the facilities of the Central C. B. Press. A complete list will be sent upon request.

It has also been the editorial policy as such materials become available to include larger studies, often filling an entire issue of the QUARTERLY. These have later become available in separate booklets and have proved very popular. Making the material do double duty has reduced the cost of the booklets. Keeping the material available in separate booklet fashion rather than in the original QUARTERLY binding has also increased its usefulness.

This issue of the QUARTERLY is completely devoted to one work, and it is the intention of the publishers to bind this material into one single edition later. The work is so extensive, however, that probably three issues of the QUARTERLY will be necessary in order to include the entire study. Since it has been the policy of the QUARTERLY to have such entire issues devoted to a single item appear only once in each calendar year, it may be three years before the entire work becomes available in this fashion (unless our readers request that we proceed more rapidly).

The articles included in this issue of the QUARTERLY survey the period prior to 1900 and cover Baptist

history in more detail from 1900 through 1923, with particular attention given to the activity among those of a liberal persuasion in the organization of the Northern Baptist Convention and the consequent reaction among the fundamentalists which resulted in the formation of two different groups, the Fundamentalist Fellowship and the Baptist Bible Union.

Material for these articles has been taken very largely from the dissertation presented by Dr. Robert Delnay to the faculty of the Dallas Theological Seminary and titled “A History of the Baptist Bible Union.” The research was conducted under the guidance of Dr. George Dollar; permission for publication through President John Walvoord. Most footnotes from the dissertation and many technical matters have been omitted in this series of articles; serious students utilizing this work should arrange an inter-library loan of the dissertation from the Mosher Library of Dallas Theological Seminary.

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