Book Reviews -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 07:3 (Fall 1964)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

STEWARDSHIP SERMONETTES, by Richard V. Clearwaters (Dunham Publ. Co., Findlay, 0., 120 pp., $2.00).

It is said that Jesus talked more on the subject of money than on any other subject That makes this a critical subject in a preacher’s sermon preparation. This book should be a prize possession of every pastor who aspires to New Testament principles and practices. It should be a valuable aid in training people in Scriptural giving. There are about 125 stewardship sermonettes in this book: enough to last two years, using a different one each week. There are also a number of poems on giving. Some of the sermonette titles are: “Taking Eight ‘Human Stews’ Out of Divine Stewardship”; “Is Storehouse Tithing Scriptural?”; “Why Is the Local Church the Lord’s Storehouse?”; “Are Games of Chance ‘Giving’ or ‘Getting’?”; “Christian Giving Is Logical, Practical, Judicial, Sacrificial, Prophetical”; “The Christian Key to Three Powers”; “The Key to Any Army of Conquest”; “The Christian Key to Two Classes of Christians.” Such sermonettes may be used in the church bulletin, on the church bulletin board, as sermon illustrations, or to stimulate stewardship when announcing the offering.

In his foreword, the author agrees that it is not pleasing to tithe to modernistic causes, “but the author would also add that it is far more displeasing to our Lord for a fundamental Christian to stay in a modernistic church which is unworthy of the Lord’s money” He concludes this thought by saying, “Any Christian is inconsistent in his life who tries to live a Biblical Christian life in an un-Biblical local church.”

Rev. Roger Peterson

BACHELOR OF DIVINITY, by Walter D. Wagoner (Association Press. New York. 159 pp., $3.50).

Subtitled “Uncertain Servants in Seminary and Ministry,” this book seeks to list areas of uncertainty and some of the causes without recommending solutions. Concepts of the nature of the church and the purpose for a paid ministry, as felt in the vacuum of liberal theology and the intangibilities of Neo-orthodoxy. seem to be producing professionals anxious to serve in ecumenical agencies but not in the First Church of Podunk. The author is sure to be a favorite among seminarians in suggesting that the degree at graduation should be a doctor’s degree (p. 92) and that the starting salary should be five or six thousand dollars plus parsonage (p. 39).

Prof. W, Vanhetloo

ORIGINS OF THE SYNOPTIC GOSPELS, by Ned B. Stonehouse (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publ. Co., Grand Rapids, Mich., 1963, 201 pp.. $4.50).

This last book authored by Dr. Stonehouse before his death is a fresh and up-to-date presentation of the Synoptic problem. The nine chapters in...

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