Christian Education -- By: Gordon H. Lovik

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 09:1 (Spring 1966)
Article: Christian Education
Author: Gordon H. Lovik

Christian Education

Gordon H. Lovik


Education has to do with all the steps and processes by which an infant is gradually transformed into a full grown and intelligent man. Modern education following John Dewey says that education is life. Today attention is focused not on what a pupil is, but on what he has experienced and on what he may become. Christian education has to do with all of the processes and procedures by which a born-again believer is gradually transformed into a spiritually mature Christian. Whereas the average Christian holds to a Christian view of life in his religious beliefs, he unwittingly commits himself to a pragmatic and experimental philosophy. He should have a Christian philosophy of education. One’s philosophy of education determines his methodology, which produces results. Christian education certainly should not follow liberal methodology, which can only lead to the results of liberalism.

In 1769 John Gill wrote regarding children, “It is proper to instruct them in the necessity of faith in God and in Christ, and of the use of prayer; and to lay before them the sinfulness of sin, and show them what an evil thins it is, and what are the sad effects of it; to teach them their miserable estate by nature, and the way of recovery and salvation by Christ; and to learn them from childhood to read and know the holy scriptures, according to their capacity; and by these to be admonished of sin, and of their duty, to fear God, and keep his commandments; which may be meant by the admonition of the Lord; and the proper opportunity should be taken to instill these things into their minds, when their minds begin to open, and they are inquisitive into the meaning of things; and these several respective duties are to be carefully attended to; since the peace and order of families, the good of the common-wealth,

and the prosperity of the church, and increase of the interest of Christ, greatly depend upon them.”

A child needs to grow and acquire knowledge. As a child, he needs to be understood and then taught truth. As a child, he needs salvation before Christian growth. As a child, he needs to grow in three realms, physical, intellectual, and “moral spiritual.”

A child needs to be trained. As a child, he needs the discipline of God’s Word. As a child, he will receive the training of the home, church, and school. As a child, he needs the absolute truths of God’s Word in all his training.

A child needs to be taught in order to mature. As a child, he needs to learn the Bible. As a child, he needs to be taught by one who knows the Bible. As a child, he needs to conform to the standard of God’s Word.<...

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