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Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 11:1 (Spring 1968)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

The Epistle to the Romans, Vol. II, by John Murray (Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, Mich., 286 pages, $5.00) completes the author’s commentary on the book of Romans. As is true with other commentaries in the New International Commentary series, this volume is both well written and usable. Unfortunately the author’s theology “colored” his interpretation. The final four pages of the introduction clearly identify the “biblio-theological perspective” of the covenant theologian. Dr. Murray considers only select volumes which reflect the covenant theology position. He does not consider the dispensational interpretation of Romans 9–11. If the reader desires a commentary on Romans from a covenant theologian’s point of view, this would be the best and most recent publication.

—Gordon Lovik

Biblical Flood and the Ice Epoch by Donald W. Patten (Pacific Meridian Publishing Company, Seattle, Wash., 1966, 336 pages, $7.50) should be read by every Bible-believing Christian who desires answers for those believing in evolution. Mr. Patten has received two degrees in the field of geography and he writes with authority. His work has a twofold purpose: (1) a refutation of uniformitarianism, which is the basis for evolution, and (2) a presentation of the theory of astral catastrophism. Without duplicating the data of other important works such as The Genesis Flood, this writer presents clear scientific evidence which makes a uniformitarian interpretation of the earth and its history impossible. At great length he discusses the scientific inconsistencies of Darwinism. He also acquaints the reader with the historic progression of evolution up to the present time. The impact left to Hutton, Lyell, Lamarck and Darwin have been set forth in an understandable manner. If for no other reason than this, his book ought to be read.

Mr. Patten attributes the cataclysmic events recorded in Genesis 7 and 8 as the result of an inter planetary engagement. He presents Scripture to support this contention. In a brief summary his theory of astral catastrophism includes: (1) a celestial body entering the earth’s gravitational field temporarily, (2) a strong effect upon the gravitational and magnetic systems of the earth, (3) the Noahic deluge and Ice Age occurring simultaneously, (4) a derangement of the earth’s hydrosphere, litho-sphere, and atmosphere, and (5) all this occurring about 2800 B.C. plus or minus 500 years. Thus, Mr. Patten has suggested the mechanical cause which God used to judge the earth in the time of Noah. He interprets both Genesis and Job where they are pertinent to earth’s history from a fundamentalist’s point of vi...

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