Other Missionary Principles And John Mason Peck -- By: Roger L. Peterson

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 12:4 (Winter 1969)
Article: Other Missionary Principles And John Mason Peck
Author: Roger L. Peterson

Other Missionary Principles And John Mason Peck

Fourth Part, Concluding A Series:

Roger L. Peterson

Calling Pastor, Fourth Baptist Church, Minneapolis

6. The Consummation Of Missionary Work Is The Establishment Of Indigenous Churches (Acts. 11:19-30; 14:21-26)

Many types of work, which have no precedent in the New Testament, have been done on the foreign fields in the name of missions. Some of these include educational works, agricultural works, social works and medical works. Medical works have been one of the most widely used in evangelical circles. It is interesting to notice, however, that Luke the physician who traveled with Paul on his missionary journeys, is never recorded to have healed one person, or to have treated anyone’s diseases, or to have set up a medical center of any sort at any time. The only specific cases of healing done in the New Testament were done by the Lord Jesus Christ or by His apostles, and not by other missionaries. Jesus’ healing ministry was in fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies (Isa. 35:4–6). The apostles’ healing ministry was to show the continuation of Christ’s works in these men when the “church age” was begun (Acts 1:1, 2).

There are some references to the gift of healing in I Corinthians 12, but this gift was manifested in the local church, and nowhere was this gift used as a supplement to missionary work. It is also evident that this gift was disappearing before the Apostle Paul died (I Tim. 5:23; II Tim. 4:20). Medical works are like educational works, agricultural works, etc., in that they can make life more comfortable, but they are not missionary works. They are secular works and not spiritual works. They can be helpful to the saved members within a church, but they are not designed to make saved members for a church (I Cor. 1:18–2:16). Only God’s Word can do that (I Pet. 1:23). Missionary work is accomplished only when God’s Word is preached and taught and obeyed (Matt. 28:19, 20).

Some missionaries put “the cart before the horse.” Instead of working to establish local churches first, they begin with secondary works such as radio stations, children’s clubs, youth works, book stores, printing presses, Bib...

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