Pulpit Committee Questionaire -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 12:4 (Winter 1969)
Article: Pulpit Committee Questionaire
Author: Anonymous

Pulpit Committee Questionaire

Recently our attention was drawn to some of the forms used by churches who are seeking a pastor. We share with you some of the items included in them.

One form began: This questionaire is being sent to you because your name has been given to our pulpit committee as a possible candidate for our pastorate. If you are interested in being considered for the pastorate of our church, please fill out the form and return it to us. Be assured that your response will be held in the strictest confidence. If you do not feel that the Lord would have you consider a move, please return this form and so indicate.

Questions asked, with space provided for answers, were:

1. Name; address (street, city, state, zip code); telephone.

2. Age; birth-date.

3. Church membership.

4. Licensed or ordained; When? Where?

5. Education: college; seminary (degree; year graduated).

6. Marital status: single; married; number of children, ages. Have you or your wife ever been divorced? Have you or your wife ever had psychiatric treatment? Have you ever been asked to leave a church because of any family problem, moral or otherwise? (If the answer to any of these is affirmative, explain on a separate sheet in detail).

7. Experience in the Lord’s work (place of service; offices held; years of service).

8. How long have you been in your present pastorate? How many conversions during this time? Baptisms? New members?

9. Describe the missionary support of your present (or last) church; amounts and recipients.

10. What is your present salary arrangement? What would be your salary requirements if you should come to be our pastor? Are you in debt?

11. Would you use the term “Fundamentalist” to identify your doctrinal position? Explain.

12. Identify your position concerning the return of Jesus.

13. List six of the most important Baptist principles.

14. Describe your position and practice of personal separation.

15. Are you, or have you ever been in any secret order, society or lodge?

16. Do you use tobacco in any form? Alcoholic beverages?

17. Describe your position regarding ecclesiastical separation, including ministerial associations, councils of churches, inclusivistic evangelistic endeavors.

18. Give your definition of New Evangelicalism, and state your position regarding it.

19. Do you have da...

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