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Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 12:4 (Winter 1969)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

The Life of Christ in Stereo, by Johnston M. Cheney (Portland: Western Baptist Seminary Press, 1969, 273 pp., $4.50) provides a single account of the life of Christ by editing the details of the four gospels into one coherent story covering a “proposed” four year ministry. Each event is chronicled from one of the gospels and additions from the other gospels are interwoven and footnoted with Arabic numbers from 1 to 4 (signifying the gospel). Special chronological comments are interspersed within the account identifying the years of Christ’s ministry. Since part of the purpose of the book is to establish that Christ’s ministry extended for a four year period, the order of events found in harmonies of the Gospels are rearranged. This book thus becomes a commentary. The departure from the more commonly accepted three year view occurs by dividing the last year of Christ’s ministry into a two year period. This was done to give more time to the events in John 7–11 and Luke 9:5119:27.

Space does not permit a thorough analysis of this theory. However, placing John 7–11 and Luke 9:5119:27 after the feast of Tabernacles gives no insoluable problems, as the author suggests (p. 231). Further the author does not strengthen his argument by his brief presentation (Appendix V) and his frequent use of “assume” and “probably.”

I would suggest that in subsequent editions the three year view be given in the text. Another section of the book could present the order of Scripture according to the four-year view. Then the editor could present the argumentation for this view. It would be more useable as a text and would receive a wider audience.

—Gordon H. Lovik

The Bible—The Living Word of Revelation by Merrill C. Tenney (Grand Rapids: Zondervan Pub. House, 1968, 228 pages, $5.95), contains ten essays by leading scholars. These stand firmly on verbal inspiration, and forcefully assert the importance of the doctrine in this day. Especially to be commended is the chapter on “The Communication of Revelation” by Dr. Kenneth S. Kantzer. This is not a text book; it supplements earlier studies. As a monograph of the Evangelical Theological Society, this collection demonstrates the best in believing scholarship.

—Warren Vanhetloo

Jesus and the Kingdom by George Eldon Ladd (Waco, Texas: Word Books, 1964, 351 pages, $5.95), is a n...

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