Old Testament Dating From 640 To 420 B.C. -- By: Gordon H. Lovik

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 13:4 (Winter 1970)
Article: Old Testament Dating From 640 To 420 B.C.
Author: Gordon H. Lovik

Old Testament Dating From 640 To 420 B.C.

Gordon H. Lovik

Registrar Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis

This is harmony of Scripture passages from the time of Josiah’s reign (640-609 B.C.) until the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem about 420 B.C., arranged by decades. Also included are dates of important historical events not mentioned in the Old Testament, to give additional historical insight regarding the period of Israel’s exile and restoration.

Several of the Old Testament prophets who wrote at this time left no chronologicai hints within their pages and hence, an approximation was made of the time of their writings. For Jeremiah 1:3–22:23; 30–31; and 47–51 no attempt was made for fixing dates or harmonizing the passages since they do not contain certain chronological data. Likewise, the prophets Naham, Zephaniah, Habakkuk and Malachi were not harmonized for the same reason.

This work used information gleaned from the following materials: Parker and Dubberstein, “Babylonian Chronology 626 B.C. — A.D. 75”; Thiele, “The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings”; Wiseman, “Chronicles of the Chaldaean Kings”; Olmstead, “History of the Persian Empire”; Herodotus; Dougherty, “Nabonidus and Belshazzar”; Whitcomb, “Darius the Mede.”

Many items must be listed without an exact date; others not presently certain are indicated with the customary c. (about).

640 B.C.


II Kings 22:1–23:30;
II Chron. 34:1–35:7

Beginning of Josiah’s reign


The ministry of Naham and Zephaniah


Decline of Assyria following the death of Ashur-banipal


II Chron. 34:3

Josiah seeks the Lord


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