Creation Preferable To Evolution -- By: Ralph D. Mawdsley

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 14:1 (Spring 1971)
Article: Creation Preferable To Evolution
Author: Ralph D. Mawdsley

Creation Preferable To Evolution

Ralph D. Mawdsley

Prepared for the Kathy Sansovini Memorial Scholarship

Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis

The purpose of this study is to explore the nature of creationism and the features of this system which render it more acceptable than, and preferable to, any other system. The system which has offered the most opposition to creationism, and which has successfully usurped the position of creationism in the natural and physical sciences, is evolution. A rational defense of creationism does not require polemical destruction of evolutionism, since logically the destruction of one system does not serve to verify another. The main thrust thus will be to emphasize the features of creationism which render it more acceptable than and preferable to evolutionism. However, the system of evolutionism will be examined along with creationism to emphasize the rational superiority of creationism. No attempt is made to perform a complete analysis of creationism or evolutionism, but the various areas of discussion have been delineated in order to present features illustrating the polar opposition of each system.

Definition of terms. Three terms must be defined in order to have a proper foundation for the discussion to follow. The first term is rational defense. The word “rational” is derived from the Latin word ratio, -onis, f., which means a reasoning thought process, the motive being a knowledge of a certain area. “Defense” is derived from the first conjugation Latin verb defenso, -are, which means simply “to defend.” Thus, the purpose of this presentation is to structure a defense of creationism with a definite knowledge, or answer, being sought relying solely on the reasoning process characteristic of the human mind. If the resources of the human mind are to provide the only fertile ground for the development of this subject, then any knowledge or methods which are not the product of the human thought process are not permissible areas of consideration. Thus, the supernatural, special revelation of the Bible will not be relied upon here as a defense of creationism, since its authorship is supernatural and not the product of human minds. But this rational defense should prove the superiority of creationism and direct the human mind toward the final authority of creationism, the Bible itself.

The second term to be defined is creationism. Augustus Hopkins Strong defines creationism as “that free act of the triune God by which in the beginning for His own glory He made, without the use of pre-existing materials, the whole visible and invisible universe. Creation is designed

origination, by a trans...

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