Preparing For Vacation Bible Time -- By: Larry P. Livesay

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 16:3 (Fall 1973)
Article: Preparing For Vacation Bible Time
Author: Larry P. Livesay

Preparing For Vacation Bible Time

Larry P. Livesay

The Vacation Bible Time is a unique program that presents the plan of salvation to children who do not normally attend church or Sunday School. It also provides an opportunity for witnessing and learning for those who do attend Sunday School. Such opportunities should be utilized fully by presenting the best possible program.

Vacation Bible Time has become a common method of spreading the gospel. Almost all churches, regardless of size, have some sort of Vacation Bible Time every year. Many are successful, but others never get off the ground. This lack of success is often due to improper planning. Some churches simply lack organization. Others have sufficient organization, but start their plans too late. Then when problems appear there is not adequate time to solve them properly and the Vacation Bible Time consequently suffers.

The purpose of this study is to provide a guide whereby a complete Vacation Bible Time program can be planned and executed in a smooth efficient manner. Particular emphasis will be given to early planning. Early planning is a major step toward a successful Vacation Bible Time because it creates confidence in the workers and allows for the solution of any possible problems.

Preparing The Program

The program is the most important part of Vacation Bible Time. A good program does not have to depend on good workers for success. Even poorly trained, inexperienced workers can obtain some degree of success with a good program. The program must hold the pupils’ interest or their minds wander to subjects that interest them more and the whole message is lost. The program is so important it demands thorough and complete planning, and the only way this can be accomplished is to start planning early.

Preparing Early

Problems are a natural part of any program devised by man. Man’s imperfection produces imperfection, even in Vacation Bible Time programs. No matter how much preliminary planning is involved in a program, there are always problems that arise as more advanced plans are made. Most problems will be small if there has been sufficient preliminary planning, but it is possible for some fairly large problems to surface. Early planning gives the staff time to work out problems in a way that minimizes the ultimate effect of the problem on the program. If the program has not been planned early enough, any problem could create a disaster out of what would have been a successful, effective program. Poor solutions would be accepted because of lack of time and the program would consequently suffer.

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