Newspaper Evangelism -- By: Wesley M. Hansen

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 16:3 (Fall 1973)
Article: Newspaper Evangelism
Author: Wesley M. Hansen

Newspaper Evangelism

Wesley M. Hansen

One means of getting the Gospel to the lost, available in many communities, is through the local newspaper. The following are sample articles prepared by a Central graduate which appeared in the Littleton, Colorado, Independent under the heading “Parson to Person,” with concluding identification: A community service of The Rev. Wesley M. Hansen and The Littleton Baptist Church, 1400 W. Caley Ave.

On Sin And Rust

Are you sinning more now, but enjoying it less? You should expect that, because sin is no more advantageous to one’s life than rust is to the automobile.

Manufacturers design their products for a specific purpose. Cars are made to convey passengers over the road to a destination, not to rust in a junkyard. Carburetors are not designed to collect dirt, and tires are not manufactured to go flat. And we shudder at the thought of putting gas in the radiator.

God’s design for people is that they serve, honor, and worship Him. Those created should fulfill the purpose of the Creator. He who dedicates his life to sin’s practice is similar to the automobile that reposes

in the junkyard, exclaiming (if it were possible): “I’m free! No more oil changes, tune-ups, or wearisome miles.” But no more usefulness to its owner either.

Is The Majority Right?

This country is built upon the premise that the will of the majority is to be followed. Though the wisdom of the majority is at times open to serious question, nevertheless we believe it to be the best form of government yet devised.

However, the majority can be wrong at times. Many laughed at that silly man flying a kite in a rainstorm, but Ben Franklin exonerated himself many times over. The masses mocked when Mr. Westinghouse proposed to stop a train with air, but today air brakes are common. Years ago the bathtub was outlawed in many parts of England and the United States as being unhealthful. And if the first auto were to go faster than a horse, many opined, the driver would suffocate for lack of ability to breathe.

In religion too it is risky to follow the crowd. Jesus said: “Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many are those who are entering it. But the gate is narrow and the way straight that leads to life, and few are they who find it.”

When Does God Collect?

We once heard the story of the farmer who, antagonistic to any thought of considering God in his life, wrote to the editor of a large city newspaper and explained his actions. He said: “I plowed my field on Sund...

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